Tuesday August 8, 2023

8:00AM Site Visit – 305 Smith Road, West Halifax VT 05358


8:00AM – Special Meeting of Selectboard called to order by Pete Silverberg

Selectboard Members present were Pete Silverberg, Edee Edwards, Patrick McAllister and Karen Christofferson. Unable to attend was Tristan Roberts.

Others present in person were: Town Highway Supervisor and Road Commissioner Mike Fournier; Property owners James and Anna Ruggerio, and Tom Murphy; Nikki Walling and Mike Bernard of Green Mountain Power

  • Due to the outdoor location of meeting, remote access was not available.


This was a site visit to assess request for utility pole anchoring and tree trimming in the right of way along the Class 3 (0.300 miles), Class 4 highway (0.100 miles), and further along Town Trail within the Town’s right of way.

Property owner easements along both sides of the road were discussed. The new utility poles will be located on the opposite side of the last existing pole, which is 1613 feet from the start of the road, per GMP’s measurements. Plans to change anchoring to keep the anchors within the town’s right of way were previously made, and minimal required trimming was visually inspected.

Town highway right of way spans 49.5 feet.

After discussion and agreement among the parties present, which included the originally concerned property owners, Pete Silverberg made the following motion:

I move to sign the petition from Green Mountain Power to place anchors and perform tree trimming along the Town Highway as required to extend the utility line.

Motion was seconded by Patrick McAllister. Motion carried 4-0.

Silverberg will follow up by going to the Town Office to sign the petition.

Other Business

Brief discussion was held about Town Highway Road maintenance, which is only done on Class 3 Road, with the turnaround for plowing done at this point just at 305 Smith Road.


Motion to adjourn at 8:20 by Patrick McAllister. Seconded by Pete Silverberg. Carried 4-0


Respectfully submitted,

Edee Edwards, Vice Chair and Secretary Pro Tem