Halifax Broadband Committee

Town of Halifax
PO Box 127
West Halifax, VT 05358

Committee Members

Tristan Roberts, Chair
Stephan Chait, Vice Chair
David Jones, Clerk
Jennie Strowe
Thomas Fischer

Broadband Committee Minutes
Broadband Committee Agendas

For more information, please contact Clerk David Jones: david@consultingindetail.com.

About DVFiber

With the encouragement of the Broadband Committee, Halifax is one of five towns that voted to establish the Deerfield Valley Communications Union District at town meeting in March 2020. 

Now known as DVFiber, the District’s mission is to provide affordable, reliable high-speed Internet service that will support economic development and expand educational opportunities.

DVFiber will provide state-of-the-art fiber optic broadband service to Halifax and similar areas in Southern Vermont where commercial providers have not invested.

Halifax residents can keep up with DVFiber’s progress directly by going to https://dvfiber.net and subscribing to DVFiber’s newsletter at https://dvfiber.net/newsletter/ .

Halifax also has the following representatives to the DV Fiber board:

Edee Edwards (Representative)
David Jones (Alternate Representative)
Tristan Roberts (Alternate Representative)

With the support of our DV Fiber representatives, the Halifax Broadband Committee will keep the Selectboard and our citizens posted on recent developments, including when we can expect service and what we can do to help.