July 18, 2022 minutes and notes from committee meeting, Attendance: Patty, Tina, Paul, Gary, Andrea, Kathy Patty: lots of questions about 2022 celebration, Sumner family found Boom box as a new band Gary: maybe start about noon, tina, bfast doesn’t bring in a ton of money Patty: fireman can do other game. Bucket brigade, dress/undress. Ideas came from Mike F. Gary: lunch can bring other participants, longe can do pulled pork, fries fried dough. ACTIVITY IDEAS: Firemans activites Childrens parade Radio demo and try out radios

Vote on oct 1, patty moved Kathy 2nd, all in favor. TO DO LIST FOR NEXT MEETING: PATTY: contacted monica to book the band PAUL: will contact Ritchie TINA: will do donation letters KATHY: save the date flyer teaser PATTY: ross about fire department involvement ANDREA: contact joan/laurel about ice cream TINA: apron for the popular vote for chili cookoff. GARY: will check in the grill

DOG DAYS OF HALIFAX, suggestion for theme 

Tina: what about Ritchie mitnik for during the day 1 1/2 hours in the beginning. Tucked in the grass of the historical society between the historical society and firehouse

LUNCH: maybe enough vendors. Have to have Ritchie mitnik at noon. To draw people in

Fried dough Longe: meat pulled Main dish person:::::

fries la casita titos adam silver: dumplings morgan/pete 

Emily/Anthony CHILI COOKOFF: voting gates, popular vote with everyone voting and then a judged vote. Tom fox could maybe make a plague for the judged vote; popular vote could get the apron. $50 GC for voted prize and plaque.trophy. GC to chilis. Plastic chili peppers, décor, 

Hay rides 

DINNER: possible: sausange, baked potato, Hamb, hot dogs, chips


Law enforcement needed all day: ask SB to have sheriff here during the event. 

Golf carts provided by Roy Richardson 


Save the date, Flyer for lunch vendors, Flyer for chili cookoff, Flyer dog parade Next meeting august 15