Broadband Committee

Town of Halifax, Vermont



April 9, 2014


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm at the town office.  Board members in attendance were Earl Holtz, Jessica Bruno, Gretchen Becker, and Curtis Carroll. Others present: Edee Edwards.

Approval of Minutes

Becker made a motion to accept the minutes of the March 19, 2014 Regular Meeting as written. Bruno seconded the motion, which passed 4-0-0.


New Business

Holtz discussed House Bill H-693 which allows the public service board to bypass local regulations to facilitate the construction of broadband infrastructure. The bill expires 7/1/14 and is being discussed by government today. Holtz drafted and sent a letter to Ann Manwaring in support of the extension of the bill.


Other Business


Economic Development

The group discussed inviting businesses to a meeting to talk about economic development and what projects businesses might be interested in. Edwards noted that Jack Deming from Deerfield Valley News was interested in doing an article on people trying to open businesses. Edwards also noted that Tristan Roberts may be interested in economic development projects related to energy conservation.


Project Updates

The group discussed the ongoing projects:

BBID- broadband districts- an RFI should be going out

VT Connect- WiFi Hotspot- the group will contact Sharon Farr Combs and Caitlin Lovegrove to let them know we would like the hotspot at the town garage. We may now have adequate service available.

VT Rte 112 Cell Phone Project- no new updates

VTel tower- no new updates


Hearing of Visitors




Meeting was closed at 8:02 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jessica Bruno