Broadband Committee- Regular Meeting

Selectboard- Special Meeting

Halifax, Vermont
December 11, 2013 Minutes

The Halifax Broadband Committee meeting was called to order at 6:47 pm Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at the Halifax Town Office. This was also a special meeting of the Selectboard as Earl Holtz and Lewis Sumner were present. Present were committee members Earl Holtz, Curtis Carroll, Gretchen Becker, and Jessica Bruno. Others present were Laura Sibilia and Anthony Summers from BDCC.

SeVEDS (Southeastern VT Economic Development Strategies)

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss SeVEDS and the 2013 CEDS. A copy can be found here:

The Broadband Committee updated Sibilia on the struggles they are facing regarding the lack of broadband service in town. They also discussed the lack of communication the town is receiving from the various internet providers regarding when service will be available. Sibilia suggested speaking with Ken Black who led the broadband project in Dover. She believes he would be a good resource to determine how to go about bringing broadband to Halifax. She suggested that Halifax figure out what it would take to bring it in ourselves- cost, infrastructure, engineering etc., and then use that to apply for grants.

Sibilia noted that you can submit projects to CEDS every year. She recommends that Halifax submit a broadband infrastructure project.

The group briefly reviewed the CEDS. Sibilia noted that they are asking all towns to support SeVEDS at $3/per person. She also asked that it go on the town warning. She noted the important of having the discussion about economic development even if supporting SeVEDS is turned down.

Sumner, Sibilia, and Summers left the meeting at 8:32pm and the Selectboard portion of the meeting was adjourned.

Other Business

The Broadband Committee continued their regular meeting.

Becker made a motion to appoint Emily Poulin to the Broadband Committee. Bruno seconded the motion, which passed 4-0-0.

Holtz made a motion to accept the minutes of the November 11, 2013 Broadband meeting. Carroll seconded the motion, which passed 4-0-0.

The group discussed the contest for the new town logo. Bruno will draft a blurb for the town website and bring it to the Selectboard for approval. The group discussed presenting up to 3 images chosen by the Broadband Committee at town meeting for a non-binding vote.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:12 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jessica Bruno