The Broadband Committee is going to try to use this page to inform citizens of the status of various broadband projects. Following are known providers and costs as of August, 2015. You can get some broadband coverage through cell phone providers. The information about these cell phone providers is not complete, and your best bet would be to contact them for more information.


Some residents have started getting broadband from the Vtel tower in Halifax Center. You can call them to find out if you’re on the list.








Provider Type Availability Cost/month Limit Speed Contract Equipment Comments
SoverNet 463-2111


Dialup If have landline $20 no 56K $160/year with 1-year contract no
Hughes Net


Satellite Location dependent $49.99 60 GB 10 megs down 1 up 2 years Buy

($249.98 including installation) or rent ($9.98/mo)


Cited prices are specials.


When you reach your GB limit, service slows way down

$59.99 85 GB 10 down 2 up
$79.99 100 GB 15 down 2 up

(Was Wild Blue)


Satellite Location dependent $49.99 60 GB 10 megs down 1 up 2 years Lease Not currently accepting customers in Halifax. Another satellite in the works.
$69.99 65 GB 10 down 2 up


DSL Location dependent $41.00 no 3 megs down 1 up 1 year with money-back for 30 days $34.99 for modem Prices are for first year and are lower if bundled with phone
$48.99 7 down 1 up
$55.99 15 down, 1 up


Wireless Location dependent $10 1 GB Location dependent no $85 to $500 depending on equipment needed at your site, whether indoor or outdoor. They can finance expensive ones over 2 years If you exceed download allowance, you’re cut off with 1-20 GB plan and slowed down with 30-120 GB plans.
$25 10 GB
$40 20 GB
$60 30 GB
$90 50 GB
$120 120 GB
AT&T 275-4368 cell Location dependent $50 and up


300 megs to 5 GB 4G LTE No contract or 2 years for free MyFi $99 for MyFi device Cheaper if bundle with phone




cell Location dependent $50 and up


5 GB Location dependent 2 years $50 to $100 but free with rebate  
US Cellular



cell Location dependent $5 to $335 300 megs to 50 GB 3 G; 4G coming 2 years   All plans have connection charges
Consumer Cellular


cell Location dependent and spotty in Halifax $2.50 to $40 30 megs to 4 GB 4G LTE No contract or 2 years for free equipment


  AARP members get 5% off and 45-day money-back offer. Texts limited and unlimited depending on plan.




cell Location dependent 0.5 minute per minute used no Depends on phone; up to 4G no no




Note 1: Most providers offer special deals, so these prices might not match current pricing exactly.


Note 2: DSL and satellite price according to speed; faster is more expensive. The wireless services don’t vary the speed because it depends on your location, your distance from the tower.. They price according to the download limit.


Note 3. Cell phone Internet offers a lot of different options depending on whether you want to view pages on your cell phone or view them on your computer, whether you’re going to use the cell phone for telephone calls or just for Internet, and whether you already have cell phone service and just want to add Internet.