Town of Halifax, Vermont

February 8, 2011

Call to Order 

            The meeting was called to order at 7:28 PM.  Members in attendance were Howard Alboum, D. Chris Estep, Norman Fajans, and William Pusey.  Brian McNeice, Sirean LaFlamme, and Bradley Rafus were absent. Others in attendance were Margo Avakian, and Secretary Phyllis Evanuk. 

Approval of Minutes 

            Mr. Estep moved to approve the minutes of the January 11, 2011 meeting as written.
            Mr. Pusey seconded the motion which carried 4-0.

             Mr. Fajans moved to approve the minutes of the January 27, 2011 meeting with the Executive Director of Windham Regional Commission as written.
            Mr. Estep seconded the motion which carried 4-0. 


            Mr. Alboum advised that he felt the meeting with Chris Campany was informative and that the WRC is willing to work with the Planning Commission to not only assist with the new Town Plan, but to help with other planning and zoning issues as needed.  He noted that they might be able to procure a grant to help develop subdivision regulations. 

            Mr. Estep advised that Dinah Reed is the designated WRC contact person for Halifax.  If the commissioners have questions or concerns they can request information from her. 

            Mr. Alboum advised that owners of a property on the Green River Road were supposed to be at this meeting to informally go over their request to subdivide.  As the secretary had a copy of the application, they reviewed it and basically found no problems but will wait until the next meeting to set the public hearing. 

            In regard to the informal meeting with Peter LaFogg about a proposed subdivision of his property, which has only 50 feet of road frontage, the secretary had some information.  While no formal application has been submitted yet, she felt that the Commissioners might want to consider how this might be addressed in order to grant approval for the subdivision.  The subject of zoning amendments that had been voted on at the March 6, 2007 Town Meeting was brought up.  It was thought by some that the amendment regarding development on a private right of way had been approved and was in effect.  This amendment did not pass, so that a private right of way can be developed with more than one lot.  A short discussion of whether or not this would increase the degree of nonconformity, being a lot with only 50 feet of frontage, followed.  It was decided that they would wait until the actual application is presented.  If at that time they are in need of guidance they would request approval to consult with the Town Attorney. 

            Mr. Alboum advised that due to the inclement weather, they should defer continuing on the Town Plan until the next meeting, to allow people to get home safely and at a reasonable time. 


            The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Phyllis H. Evanuk