Town of Halifax, Vermont
April 28, 2015


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. ZBA members Sirean LaFlamme, Bill Pusey, Brian McNeice, and Stephan Chait were present. John Brimmer was unable to attend. Also in attendance were Linda Lyon, Edee Edwards, John Bennett (WRC), Marilyn Allen, Jesse Ferland, Sue Kelly, Janet Taylor, and Robbin Gabriel.

Changes and/or Additions to the Agenda


New Business

Set Hearing Date for Conditional Use Permit Application
Chairwoman Sirean LaFlamme told the Board a conditional use permit application had been received for the Denison/Ashfield proposed stone quarry project. Stephan Chait pointed out that the agenda called for setting a hearing date, but he felt the application should be reviewed before the hearing was held. No ZBA hearings have been held in Halifax for a year or more; the Board conversed to refresh their memories regarding procedure. This is a new application said John Bennett; the Board should review the materials, hold a public hearing which might be continued if more information is required, then issue a written decision. The ZBA has 60 days from time of receipt to hold a hearing on the application, and 45 days after the close of that hearing to submit findings of fact. LaFlamme wondered whether the Town Attorney should run the hearing, as has been done in the past. Edee Edwards said she would be glad to take that question to the Selectboard. Edwards also suggested that the ZBA might entertain the idea of requesting legal advice from the Town Attorney but invite Patti Pusey to act as moderator at the public hearing. Marilyn Allen recalled the Honora Winery hearing as a quasi-judicial event run by the Chair of the Zoning Board. The attorney was present, she said, but did not moderate the hearing. Chait had questions about the process involved in hiring technical assistance if the need arose; he mention that both the hiring and expert review could take more than the 60-day alloted time span. The 60-day requirement refers to opening a public hearing, advised Bennett; the hearing can be continued if necessary. The Board agreed to review the conditional use application individually, discuss the materials at their May 26th special meeting, and set a June 9th public hearing date. LaFlamme made a motion to ask the Selectboard for authorization to engage Town Attorney Robert Fisher’s services at the June 9th meeting. McNeice seconded the motion, which passed 4-0. The ZBA has requested a copy of the application materials in electronic form. Once those files are available a set will be sent to Bob Fisher for review.

Hearing of Visitors


Old Business


Other Business



Bill Pusey moved to adjourn the meeting. Chait seconded the motion, which passed 4-0. The meeting closed at 7:38 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Robbin Gabriel
Interim ZBA Secretary