JANUARY 4, 2021


Chair Turner Lewis opened the public meeting to consider the Kenneth Draleaus Notice of Appeal request at 7:02 p.m. Zoning Board of Adjustment Board members present were William Pusey, and Tommy Fox. Kaitlin Stone and Jason Ashcroft were unable to attend. Also present were Tina & Paul Blais, Patricia Dow, William Moore, Judy Armbruster, Pete Silverberg, Stephen Chait, Meghan Arthur, Stephen Smith and Kenneth Draleaus.

Turner Lewis read the public hearing notice for the record, as follows: Kenneth Draleaus of 746 Moss Hollow RD has submitted a Notice of Appeal regarding a decision of the administrative officer dated November 13, 2020 for a property located at 746 Moss Hollow Road in the Town of Halifax. The proposed project is as follows; to build a shed roof off the front of the barn 4 feet wide and 20 feet deep with a metal roof for a plow truck and tractor. The Town of Halifax Zoning Board of Adjustment will hold a hearing on this application on January 4, 2021 at 7:00 PM. This hearing will be held by teleconference. The Phone number is 1 (623) 600-3745 and the conference code is 673780. Pursuant to 24 V.S.A. 4464(a), participation in this local proceeding is a prerequisite to the right to take any subsequent appeal.

Lewis solicited comments and questions from those present. Draleaus made a correction to the dimensions of the roof. It should be 44 feet wide and 20 feet deep. Lewis commented that the original design had been denied and asked Draleaus what his reasons were for not wanting to change the design. Draleaus commented that the braces coming out from the barn would get in the way of his plow equipment. Lewis asked if there was any other place to make the roof extension and Draleaus stated no. Fox stated that the proposed roof was going to be bigger than he thought and requested a site visit as well. Pusey asked if the reason for the original Zoning permit application was denied because the structure would be too close to the road. Draleaus said yes. Pusey asked how close it was going to be. Draleaus stated that the barn was 60 feet from the road and the roof that they would like to put on the front of the barn would be 40 feet from the road. Pusey asked if it was possible to make the roof smaller. Draleaus said no, if he put braces up to hold the roof which was suggested to him instead of posts they would stick out 14 feet and be in the way of the equipment he would like to store there. He also stated that it would only be four posts holding up the roof with no walls. Pusey agreed with Fox and would like to have a site visit to view the area. Lewis and Draleaus agree with a site visit. Fox asked if there was any way the roof could be placed on any other side of the barn. Draleaus stated that the barn was on the side of a hill and there is no other option. Moderator Blais questions if a site visit is possible because we are in a hearing and how that would work. Blais suggested that we ask Dow, who is the Town Clerk if she is familiar with the procedure. Dow stated that yes you can schedule a site visit as long as it falls in the 45-day allotment to make a decision. You would first have to recess the hearing, schedule a warned site visit, then come together for the final decision. Dow also had a question/comment; she was wondering why it had to be 20 feet wide, why not just 10 feet wide? Draleaus stated that he would like to park two cars side by side. Paul Blais read the statement from the Notice of Appeal “I was approved if I put my posts against the barn, I agreed but it’s a lot of work and a lot of money and it is only four posts.” In addition, was wondering why he changed his mind. Draleaus stated that the posts (braces) would have to come 2/3rds of the way out, which would take up one whole bay to comply with code. P. Blais was also was wondering if anyone had ever talked to the road commissioner about why the restrictions on the road frontage.

The board decided to schedule the site visit for Tuesday January 13, at 3:00 PM.

Lewis then asked for a motion to close the hearing. Fox made the motion to close the hearing, Pusey seconded, and the motion passed 3-0.

The hearing adjourned at 7:22 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Tina Blais
Zoning Board of Adjustment Secretary