Town of Halifax, Vermont
January 13, 2021


Call to Order

Turner Lewis called the meeting to order at 3:03 P.M. Zoning Board of Adjustment members Turner Lewis, Bill Pusey, and Tommy Fox were present. Kaitlin Stone and Jason Ashcroft were not in attendance. Also, present Tina Blais.

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 New Business


  • Lewis, Zoning board Chair started by asking Kenneth Draleaus what his plans were. Draleaus stated that he would be allowed to build the roof extension if he put the posts coming off the sides of the barn, not from the ground up. Draleaus had posts and props set out to show the board where the measurements would bring the posts if they were to come off the side of the barn and set up if they were to be placed in the ground, which is what the appeal is for. Lewis stated that the problem with the posts coming up from the ground is that they would be too close to the road. Lewis stated that he had done some research and found a variance from 2005-2006 when Draleaus had first built his barn stating that the barn was too close to the road. Draleaus does not remember the variance but states that the barn was built 60 feet from the road. Since then the road has gotten wider so the barn is probably closer. Fox paced off the barn to the center of the road and it was 60 feet. Lewis asked what is behind the barn, Draleaus said that there is only a walkway and porch leading to the upstairs of the barn and let the Board go and have a look. Lewis questioned if the roof could be built off the side of the barn, Draleaus stated no because of the snow falling off the barn roof. It does not make any sense he stated. It was suggested that he make the dimensions of the proposed roof extension 44’x 10’ instead of the 44’ x 20’ that was requested in the appeal. Draleaus stated that he already had the permit approved if he made the posts come out from the side of the barn, but he does not want to do that. He would lose the room for one whole bay. He also does not want to make it any smaller. He wants to be able to put cars side by side. Lewis states that the suggestion by William Moore, Zoning Administrator was very generous in regards to putting the posts out from the side of the barn, to get the roof approved. Draleaus states that he agrees that it was a generous suggestion but he wants to get away from anything coming from the side of the barn because of room issues. He states that he is at the mercy of the Board and they can do what they want. His builder and wife encouraged him to try for a variance. States that the cost is going to be three times the cost to build posts that come out from the barn. Lewis states that they have rules to follow. Draleaus is wondering why the 60’ requirement. Pusey stated that it is because of road maintenance and possible future road issues. Fox asked him if he wants to move posts closer to the barn, Pusey suggested some closer measurements. Draleaus states he is asking for the four posts. States that there is underground electric there as well as a stonewall and shrubbery. He thanks the board and asks how he will be notified. States that he will not be putting sides on it just a gable roof. He was told that he would be getting notified of their decision by mail.

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Lewis adjourned the meeting at 3:18 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Tina Blais
Zoning Board of Adjustment Secretary