Zoning Board of Adjustment
Town of Halifax, Vermont
PO Box 127
West Halifax, VT 05358

February 20, 2010

Patricia Farrington, CEO
Honora Winery & Vineyard
P.O. Box 129
West Halifax, VT 05358-0129 

            Re:      Request for the option to use tents during events 

Dear Mrs. Farrington, 

            Thank you for attending our February 17, 2010 meeting to present your request and to answer questions.  The Board considered your request and after deliberations reached the following decision.   

            A motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to allow the use of temporary structures (tents) with the following conditions:            

1.  A maximum of four (4) tents may be erected for an event.  This number includes one front entrance portico, two tents over the patios on the west and south sides of the event center, and one tent in the vineyard.
2.  Activities under the tents shall be limited to cocktail hours and ceremonies.
3.  Receptions shall be conducted inside the event center.
 4.  These temporary structures (tents) shall be erected before the event and taken down after each event (generally erected on Friday and removed on Monday, weather permitting).
5.  Activities covered by this approval are (a) Honora Festivals (2 per year) and (b) Weddings/Private Functions/Honora Events (24 per year), as approved under Halifax Zoning Board of Adjustment Conditional Use permit #07-55.
6.  All conditions of approval and restrictions under permit #07-55 and State Land Use Permit 2W1216-1 shall remain in effect. 

Approved on February 17, 2010 by
Halifax Zoning Board of Adjustment 

Signed on the _____ day of February, 2010 

Norman Fajans, Chair 

Howard Alboum 

Sirean LaFlamme 

Brian McNeice 

William Pusey 

Craig Stone