FEBRUARY 27, 2024



Pete Silverberg called the meeting to order at 7:01pm on Tuesday 27th, 2024. Selectboard members present Peter Silverberg, Karen Christofferson, Edee Edwards, Patrick McAllister, and remote, Tristan Roberts. Townspeople were present and online.



Town Warning reviewed and following items noted:

          Article 2: Clarified post-marked dates to ensure they have it to town office before late fines begin.

          Article 3:

o   Mitch Green: Scott Trust fund concern borrowing from principle due to possibility for selectboard borrowing but never returning and concerned about fund completely disappearing.

o   Patrick McAllister: Selectboard has an agreement letter to confirm that the board will repay back the fund to restore principle.

o   Edee Edwards: Treating this as a bridge loan over a matter of months advantages of borrowing rate than getting a loan in traditional manner.

o   Bonnie Brown: Sees the advantage of borrowing against the Scott Trust fund.

o   Craig J. Stone: Contributions for Cael and Scott Funds is a legacy that needs to be protected and is concerned for future residents that would like to gift a large sum to town knowing they can take such action against the fund could cause people to pause before donating.

o   David Jones: Questioned the Supplementary Road Assistance (FEMA) amount of $206,000 and $264,000 expenses against income.

o   Edee Edwards: Clarified these are lump sum amounts for how much the two roads that were flooded will cost to repair against how much the town will potentially receive from FEMA reimbursement.

          Article 4:

o   Treasurer’s budget for salary and collection is required to be a warning by law, can not move into the budget as a line item.

          Article 5:

o   Read with no comment

          Article 6:

o   Read with no comment

          Article 7:

o   Mitch Green: Noted anyone can modify an individual amount to an organization within the article.

o   Bob Teree: Confused by Halifax Fire company being in this article while also being in budget.

o   Edee: Halifax Fire Company Inc. is not a department within Halifax Town which is why it shows up in social services agencies article.

          Article 8:

o   Stephan Chait: Recollection of this article being stuck down at last town meeting.

o   Edee Edwards: Previous year article 8 was passed over due to incomplete answers asked by townspeople. Intention is to be better prepared to discuss article as written and how it is logistically used in upcoming town meeting but if unable to do the research, always have the option to pass over.

o   Bonnie Brown: Noted this article refers to increasing cost for Airbnb, VRBO, and B&B

o   Taiga Christie: Asked clarifying question on where does this apply within B&B?

o   Patrick: It gets registered with the the platform or the company stay is being booked through.

o   Keith Stone: Wanted to know if DV Fiber rep to answer question regarding liability insurance, policy number and who carries it when laying down fiber in Halifax?

o   Edee Edwards: Will confirm is Halifax rep will be present but is a seasonal resident so unsure.


          Non-binding business to warn a special selectboard meeting right after town meeting to discuss some topics as: value of recycling bins against their cost and trash at town garage, statewide initiative discusses welcoming community

o   Response: Marilou Parkhurst concerned that recycling bins are conveniently located in town and if not available, out of town visitors will throw trash along side road leading to a worse problem of trash disposal.

          Stephan Chait: Noted previous year during non-binding business was used for appreciation of town residents/employees

School district Warning

          Discussion was had regarding weighted pupil count legislation raising yield. Budget is steady but tax rate is higher due to weighted pupil count.

o   Bonnie Brown: Asked about impact to Halifax regarding repeal of Act 850/Act 127 regarding school budgets.

o   Chum Sumner noted no impact to Halifax school budget.

o   Craig Stone: If there has been any movement on legislation on stopping tax from going out of state.

  • Tristan Roberts: No movement on the bill.

Meet the candidates:

          Town Moderator: Paul Blais

          Selectmen (3 yrs): Bob Teree noted trying to meet more people and thank the current board for all the work they have done.

          Selectmen (2 yrs): Karen Christofferson noted first year was excellent on the board

o   David Jones noted the quality of Karen’s work, specifically financial work that has been done for the town.

          Lister: Patricia Dow

          Auditors: Need candidates – Anyone interested reach out to Patrick McAllister for more discussion.

o   Time commitment: Required to meet once a year.

          Collector of Delinquent taxes: Mary Brewster

          Trustees of Public Funds: Laurel Copeland

          Halifax School Moderator: Paul Blais

          Halifax School Director: Justin Stafford

          Trustee to the Whitingham Library: Mark Halverson

o   Only one trustee for Halifax and Mark enjoys the Whitingham Library

Motion to adjourned by Patrick McAllister, seconded by Karen Christofferson. Meeting was adjourned at 8:18pm. 


Respectfully Submitted,

Alison Crossley

For the Selectboard


Recording link: Halifax Informational Hearing Meeting 2024 02 27 (youtube.com)