Town of Halifax, Vermont



January 28, 2014


Guilford Volunteer Fire Department, 108 Guilford Center Rd, Guilford VT


The meeting was convened at 9:00 am.  Board members in attendance were Earl Holtz, Edee Edwards, and Lewis Sumner.  Others in attendance were Halifax EOC personnel: Ross Barnett (Co-EMD), John LaFlamme (Co-EMD), Christina Moore (Chief, EMS), Brad Rafus (Highway Department), Travis Briggs (Highway Department), Andy Rice (Assistant Chief EMS), and Frank Maltese (Communications).  Guilford participants expected included Herbert Meyer (Co-EMD), Candace Stouman (Co-EMD), Dick Clark (Selectboard), Katie Buckley (Adminstrative Assistant), Leah Gessner (Special Needs Coordinator), Nancy Evans (Radiological Officer), Harry Evans (Public Information Office, Tim Cleveland (Chief, Guilford Fire Department), Joy Hayes (Medical Unit Alternative), Steve Redmond (School Board Director), Lucy Spahr-Blazej (Shelter Volunteer), Elly Majonen (Shelter Volunteer), Fred Ashworth (Shelter Volunteer), Bill Jewell (CAD2/TTX Committee), Peter Hetzel (CAD2/TTX Committee), Anne Emerson (RENTS coordinator, CAD2/TTX Committee), and Walter Thorn (Police Branch Director).  Others included Glenn Herrin (Marlboro EMD), a County Sheriff Representative, Rich Cogliano from DEHMS, Kyle Olsen, facilitator, and 3 other observers.


Tabletop Exercise: “Operation Bugout”, Town of Guilford


Halifax observed this Tabletop Drill, which was a prerequisite for the Town of Guilford as a participant in the upcoming “CAT2” statewide drill of a catastrophic accident, scheduled in June 2014.


As Guilford participants walked through the presented situation noting how they would respond, and putting issues and action items up on a board for later follow up.  Halifax officials occasionally offered observations and suggestions.  Moore and Barnett left to attend to an EMS call back in Halifax.  At the end, participants were asked whether their initial goals had been met. Edwards and LaFlamme both noted that they had some follow-through items for Halifax.  Because Barnett had left and no real opportunity presented itself in our hosts’ facility, there wasn’t a specific “hotwash” discussion for the Halifax participants.


Hearing of Visitors

None present.



Meeting was closed at 1:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Edee Edwards, Selectboard Chair