Town of Halifax, Vermont
April 1, 2014
Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm. Board members in attendance were Lewis Sumner, Earl Holtz, and Edee Edwards. Others present were Robbin Gabriel, Margo Avakian, and Ray Combs.

Approval of Minutes

Edwards made a motion to accept the 3/17/14 special meeting minutes as written. The motion was seconded by Holtz, and passed 3-0.

Edwards made a motion to accept the 3/18/14 regular meeting minutes with three typographical corrections. The motion was seconded by Sumner, and passed 3-0.

Holtz made a motion to accept the 3/24/14 regular meeting minutes as written. Edwards seconded the motion, which passed 3-0.

Sumner made a motion to accept the 3/26/14 special meeting minutes as written. Holtz seconded the motion, which passed 3-0.

New Business

Sumner presented a letter of request for reimbursement of grant monies for engineering work on Bridge #37. The letter was signed by all three board members and will be mailed to the state.

Old Business

Bridge #37
Holtz made a motion to award the bid for construction on Old County North Bridge #37 to Latulippe, in the amount of $359,231.00. Motion seconded by Sumner, passed 3-0.

Edwards asked whether the town had worked with Latulippe before. Holtz said no, but Holden Engineering has. Edwards said that Holden would now assemble and submit construction contracts.  She noted that a recent letter from Holtz to the abutters said March, but the plan is to  start in May. Edwards has spoken with Robert Fisher’s office about the status of abutting property owners’ easements. As Clerk of the Works, Holtz will follow up with Fisher to get final confirmation. Holtz discussed the drawings with Ed last week; new drawings are available but are of a large size which require special arrangements to print. The pre-construction meeting will be scheduled a week or two before the project start date.  Holtz mentioned that it is the builder’s responsibility to provide detailed drawings with specifications (shop drawings). Board members agreed that they would request a payment turn-around period of more than 10 days. Ray Combs asked for clarification on the process of creating the drawings.

Town Energy Coordinator
Edwards made a motion to nominate Tristan Roberts as the Town Energy Coordinator for the coming year. Holtz seconded and the motion passed, 3-0. Edwards has received a large amount of information about solar grants and will pass the information on to Tristan.

Rescue, Inc.
The board discussed whether or not to appoint someone from the Thomas Hill area to the board of Rescue, Inc., as Cara Cheyette no longer wishes to hold the position. Edwards said she had made queries and no one has expressed an interest. Edwards questioned whether it would be better for the Town to have a representative on the board or perhaps follow Christina Moore’s suggestion to leave the post vacant during Rescue’s current period of transition. The board members agreed that while they had no one to nominate at present, they should continue consideration of the situation. Margo Avakian asked why Christina thought the Town should not have a representative, and Edwards responded that there are large changes happening in the organization just now.

Broadband Committee
Holtz asked Edwards whether she was still interested in taking over the Broadband Committee and Edwards agreed to do so.

Town Finances
Edwards asked whether the Town is currently in need of a short-term loan. Sumner responded that Patty Dow believes there is no immediate need if FEMA monies arrive in timely fashion. Edwards made the point that the Town had just signed the Bridge #37 contract and pay-out on that commitment would be due fairly quickly, as the project is scheduled for completion this summer. Holtz said that the final bridge payment would be tendered in the same fiscal year in which the expenditure was approved. Sumner pointed out that the expenditures would become due before taxes had been collected. Holtz noted that the FEMA payment had been delayed because the SVE bridge completion documentation had not been received last fall by anyone at the town, and was not in original close-out material submitted by Storm Petrel.

Quarterly Priorities
Edwards suggested the board create a new list of Quarterly Priorities. The list was written up and prioritized, with notes on which tasks are the responsibility of other departments. Edwards discussed the need for specific detail on how to proceed with town garage and school roof repairs. Holtz recommended investigating the possibility of using an elastomeric coating, which he says is made for use on flat roofs and will adhere to metal.

Zoning and Planning Commission
Edwards reminded the meeting that the Selectboard members are ex-officio members of the Planning Commission and can offer assistance to the Zoning Board and Planning Commission in getting the zoning re-write completed. Ray Combs requested a basic explanation of the zoning process. Edwards explained that the zoning ordinances lay out specifics of what rules owners must follow when planning changes to their homes and property.

Holtz noted that he will be restarting his meetings with the co-Emergency Management Directors now that Town Meeting is behind us.

Town Roads
Sumner said that town roads sustained relatively light damage during last weekend’s heavy rains. There were small washouts on Thomas Hill, Deer Park Road, and Pennel Hill.

April 7, 2014
Sumner told the meeting that he would not be in town for the Monday, April 7, morning meeting.

Correspondence was reviewed and filed.

Selectboard’s Order to Town Treasurer for bill payment
The order for payment of bills was completed and signed.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:58 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Robbin Gabriel
Selectboard Secretary