Town of Halifax, Vermont
April 29, 2014

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm. Board members in attendance were Edee Edwards, Lewis Sumner, and Earl Holtz. Others present were Robbin Gabriel and Brad Rafus.

New Business

The meeting opened with a discussion of the costs associated with using a supply service for uniforms as opposed to buying uniforms outright. Rafus explained that the current contract ends January 1, 2015. He has discussed with the cleaning company the possibility of discontinuing the cleaning contract as of July 1st, while using the balance of monies due on the contract to purchase uniforms outright from the company. There is nothing in writing yet and Rafus plans to do further research, including investigating the possibility of getting bids from other vendors.

Personnel Policy
The Board gave the revised Personnel Policy draft a thorough, item-by-item, review by examining an electronic file containing VLCT notes and commentary. Holtz noted that the section pertaining to gratuities no longer included a dollar value, and the Board agreed that while small acts of kindness such as the offering of a cold or hot drink or snack were acceptable, any gift of a larger nature should be respectfully declined. Edwards pointed out that the section on tobacco use now covers all forms of tobacco whereas the old policy simply prohibited smoking. A new section has been added governing use of town computer system. While reviewing the Eligibility for Benefits section the Board agreed that the Town should have a separate letter of agreement in place with the Town Clerk to clarify benefits available to the clerk as an elected official. Rafus mentioned that short-term disability should be listed in the benefits section and the term was added. Edwards said VLCT has confirmed the legality of requiring a departing employee to give two weeks written notice in order to receive any outstanding vacation pay. Per VLCT recommendation, Holtz will ask the town attorney to review the section covering progressive disciplinary action. The Board agreed that they would schedule adoption of the Personnel Policy after the town attorney has reviewed and employees have been trained. Sumner said that the Board should plan to adopt by the first meeting in June.

Drug and Alcohol Policy
All Board members have the new Drug and Alcohol Policy, but it is a lengthy and fairly complex document. Edwards said she would take an initial stab at filling in the blanks. A separate meeting will be scheduled during which the Board will review the policy.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:28 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Robbin Gabriel
Selectboard Secretary