Town of Halifax, Vermont


May 12, 2014

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 8:02 am. Selectboard members in attendance were Edee Edwards, Lewis Sumner, and Earl Holtz. Robbin Gabriel was also present, and Brad Rafus arrived at 8:08.

New Business

Honora Winery Liquor License

The board reviewed Honora Winery’s liquor license application. Edwards noticed that Ed Muha’s listed address was not current and the Town Clerk called Patricia Farrington, who came down with additional paperwork which detailed the transfer of LLC ownership into her name only. She explained that the new license would show the updated information when it came back from the state. Edwards made a motion that the Board sign the Honora Winery/Avigliano Catering liquor license application. Sumner seconded the motion, which passed, 3-0. Farrington also advised the board of an ongoing diffulty encountered by out-of-town folk attempting to locate the Winery using faulty GPS directions. She said the Winery would have signs out in time for Memorial Day weekend. Edwards will investigate ways to get the problem corrected.

Road Commissioner’s Orders

The Road Commissioner’s orders were reviewed and signed.

Old Business

WiFi Installation

Edwards told the meeting the installation had been scheduled for Thursday, May 15th, at 10:00 am at the town garage. Edwards will plan to be present during installation, and will put the item on this week’s Broadband Committee meeting agenda for discussion of ways to promote use of the new location once it is established.

Fire Department/Halifax EMS Letter

After Edwards read aloud the most recent revision of the letter to the Halifax Fire Department and EMS regarding input on potential safety issues related to the Act 250 quarry application, the Board discussed means of repairing and strengthening lines of communication between themselves and the town’s emergency services. Whether or not the Fire Department and EMS choose to request party status in the Act 250 process, the Selectboard would like their input on the impact the project might have on emergency services. However, given the daunting size and complexity of the application document itself, perhaps alternative means of sharing information could be found. Rafus suggested it might be valuable to arrange a sit-down with town emergency services and Selectboard to give everyone an opportunity to air their thoughts and opinions and share information in an informal atmosphere. Sumner spoke of the advantages of face-to-face conversation, recommending the Fire Department Chief, Assistant Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, and the trustees get together with Selectboard members. Holtz asked Sumner to make the arrangements and suggested a meeting in the town office where the Act 250 documentation is ready to hand.

Waiting for Gravel

Rafus said he had called North River Construction a number of times to request the balance of gravel owed the town be delivered to fulfill the contract on the sale of the truck. Only half the contract has been filled and Rafus has had no response to his messages yet. Edwards said a Board member would make a call.

North County Bridge

Edwards asked for a progress update on Bridge #37. Sumner said he believed there was a July 1st start date, and Holtz knew the metal and laminated decking were on order, one waiver had yet to be signed, and the working drawings were still in process.


Several pieces of correspondence were reviewed and signed.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:21 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Robbin Gabriel

Selectboard Secretary