Special SelectBoard Meeting

Town of Halifax

Location: Town Office Date: 30 May 2014



Earl B Holtz – Selectman / Clerk of Works; Lewis Sumner – Selectman

Ed Gay – Clerk of Works; Bill Rossignol – Holden Engineering

Rob Hester – LaTulippe Construction; Todd Menees – River Management, Vermont

Subject: Pre-Construction meeting Bridge #37 over Old County Road North

Meeting opened at 10:00 AM


Holden Engineering created a list of contacts that the Clerk of Works is to publish on local trees at site and residents by email… – Attached

Holden Engineering shared the present list of subcontractors – Attached

Holden Engineering shared the Construction Timeline – Attached

Shop drawings for gluelam deck due today – Latulippe

Shop drawing for guardrails in process

Vermont Rec is vendor – discussed letting town know when this will happen so that town can also use them to do a small job in the

Start site work on 16 June

Stake out site

Halifax Fire department plans on putting a fire engine on south side of construction site.

Latulippe will have fuel stored in a pickup truck on each side of site

Latulippe plans on contacting Travis Bristol concerning gravel pit across Green River Road, also possible vendor


Discussed putting a sign on Old County Road South stating “Road Closed”

Plan to have Cole and Beck test concrete

Discussed also testing gravel

Cure concrete w/Burlap

Discussed having the town also get shop drawings for their records…

Plan is to locate removed “I-beams” on side of property.

Two(2) will be used to support people bridge and then all 4 removed at same time, at the end of project to town garage.

Does the town want the decking from the old bridge?


Meeting was closed at 12:00 PM

Respectfully submitted
Earl B Holtz
Selectman/Clerk of Works