Town of Halifax, Vermont



September 24, 2014

The meeting was to be held at 8:30 AM at the Halifax Town Garage, 2044 Branch Road, Halifax, Vermont, with the purpose of meeting with VTRANS representatives to inspect the Deer Park Bridge and the Hale Road Bridge to secure funding from the state related to Tropical Storm Irene. Board members Lewis Sumner and Edee Edwards arrived, but the VTRANS representative had called to say he would be late. Edwards held a brief discussion outside by the salt shed with Brad Rafus, Road Commissioner, only, about winter road policy, while Sumner was physically in the garage.


Edwards then consulted with Rafus and then Sumner about how vital her presence would be at this meeting. Earl Holtz had indicated Monday that he would not be attending this meeting. It was agreed that Rafus and Sumner could represent the town well, so Edwards chose to return to her regular job and workday.


Edwards left at 8:45 a.m.


Further questions about the discussions with VTRANS can be directed to Sumner or Rafus.


Respectfully submitted,

Edee Edwards, Selectboard Member