Town of Halifax, Vermont
July 3, 2015


The meeting was convened at 9:45 AM at the Halifax Town Office. Board members in attendance were Lewis Sumner and Edee Edwards.  Also in attendance were Patty Dow and Robbin Gabriel.

Old Town Garage Door
Edwards stated that last night around 10:00 pm, she and her husband were driving past the Old Town Garage, when she noted that the side door was wide open. Without a flashlight, they used the car headlights and she hollered to see if anyone responded. She shut the door, although it did not feel like the door really latched. The door handle had been, and remained, locked.

This morning, Edwards has left messages with Brad Rafus and Keith Stone. She wanted to know next best steps. It was agreed that Edwards would go back to the old town garage. If the door is not fully engaged, she will examine the interior briefly to look for lost critters, and again attempt to re-engage the lock. If she cannot and does not hear back from a member of the road crew, she will procure a hasp and lock type-mechanism and a padlock. The road crew will have to determine if there is anything missing, though.

Other Business

Patty Dow requested the Selectboard initial an additional entry for the past Selectboard order, where a second half payment to the Assistant Town Treasurer was missed.

The meeting was closed at 9:51 AM.

Hearing of Visitors


Respectfully submitted,
Edee Edwards, Selectboard Member