JUNE 8, 2021



Lewis Sumner called the meeting to order at 6:04 PM. Selectboard members present were Lewis Sumner, Peter Silverberg, Bradley Rafus, Tristan Roberts, and Cara Cheyette. Halifax School Board members present were Homer Sumner and Paul Blais. Others in attendance were Tina Blais and Steven Cohen, & remotely were Linda Lyon, Andy Rice, Peggy Rafus, Stephan Chait, & Edee Edwards.

Cheyette called a point of order to say that she has had several people call to say they are having a hard time hearing the audio. Blais stated that he watches the audio on the monitor. He asked Rice who was remote if he could hear and Rice stated loud and clear. Roberts suggested that people who are remote having a hard time hearing let the board know during the meeting so that they are aware and can try to rectify the problem.  (Minute 2 on the recording.)

CAEL SCHOLARSHIP– The Boards had two Cael Scholarship applicants this year. Melanie Dow and Samantha Noyes. Cohen who is in charge of the financial part of the scholarship passed around a breakup of the Cael funds, explained to the Boards that they have $1,500 earned in interest to be awarded as a scholarship. He also explained that because there has only been one applicant for the past two years they could use an additional $500 and give each of the Applicants $1000 each, but it was up to the board to decide. Homer Sumner made a motion to give each girl $1000. $500 in August 2021 & $500 in January 2022. Paul Blais seconded the motion. Motion passed 7-0. (Minute 4 on the recording.)

Homer Sumner then signed the Halifax School bank account resolution form.

 GRAVEL BIDS – Rafus informed the board of his findings when he visited Cersosimo Industries & Renaud Gravel. He explained that Renaud just bought the Fletcher pit in West Brattleboro which is only 16 miles and 23 minutes away from Halifax. They would charge $900 a day for hauling and could haul 9 loads per day. The final price would be 18.53 CY delivered. Cersosimos breakdown was 26 miles and 46 minutes away. Trucking would be $900 per day, 5 trips per day with a total cost of 23.75 CY. Both companies have the same good quality materials stated Rafus. Roberts made a motion to accept Renaud’s bid. Sumner seconded. Motion passed 6-0 with Rafus abstaining. (Minute 13 on the recording.)

COVID-19 VACCINE MOBILE CLINIC – Silverberg would like to figure out the logistics of having a mobile clinic come to Halifax. Some suggestions were made as to adding it to an event such as the Firemans auction. There were some concerns raised about having the unit close to those attending a public event. Lyons suggested maybe the Community Hall could hold the clinic, it would be close but not right next to the event.  Discussion ensued. No motions were made. (Minute 17 on recording.)

MEETING MINUTES – Cheyette made a suggestion that the public be made aware that the minutes are going to look different and with less detail than in the past. She recommended taking Roberts suggestion from the last meeting and time stamping them so the public can go directly to the topic they are interested in. Paul Blais stated that that would be ridiculous, he has been on many boards and he never seen minutes done like that before. Discussion ensued, Tina Blais stated that she would try out their suggestions to see how it goes.  No motions were made. (Minute 29 on the recording.)

ADJOURNMENTSumner made a motion to adjourn at 6:37 PM, Roberts seconded. Motion passed 7-0.

Respectfully Submitted,
Tina Blais
Selectboard Secretary

Link to audio recording of meeting.