SEPTEMBER 21, 2021



Sumner called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Selectboard members present were, Lewis Sumner, Brad Rafus, Pete Silverberg, Cara Cheyette (Roberts was unable to attend). Others in attendance in person or remotely were Rhonda Ashcraft, Scott Ashcraft, Sarah Barnett, Stephan Chait, Ray Combs, Jessica Cooney, Mike Fournier, Earl Holtz, Linda Lyon, Tim Masters, Marilou and Doug Parkhurst, Peggy Rafus and Kaitlin Stone.


Before turning to business, Sumner recognized Chait, who read a statement lauding Rafus’s years of service.


Cheyette said Pam Baker was unable to attend to address Sodom road issue and asked that Rules of Procedure be put over. Rafus asked to speak during Old Business.


Sumner moved to accept September 7 regular minutes as written.  Cheyette proposed corrections and moved to approve with those changes. Silverberg seconded. The motion passed, 4-0.

Sumner moved to accept September 9 special minutes as written.  Cheyette seconded with one correction. The motion passed, 3-0, with Rafus abstaining [confirm].

Sumner moved to accept September 18 special minutes as written. Cheyette noted corrections and moved to accept with those corrections. [Sumner seconded?]. The motion passed, 3-0, with Rafus abstaining.


ARPA Funds: Schedule brainstorming session

Silverberg will schedule information session for Tuesday, September 28 re use of ARPA funds.

Auditor: Update from Patty Dow

Patty Dow explained how the audit is being conducted, and that it has been labor intensive but interactions with the auditing team have been positive. No action taken.

Separately, Dow announced a large donation of many hundreds of reams of copy paper to town and school from Harry Farrington, a donation so large she planned to gift some to Whitingham and Marlboro. A thank you card was circulated.

Highway Department: Fabio Carasi – road concerns

Carasi was not in attendance.

Highway Department: Gravel costs clarification

Cheyette noted that invoices are coming in at $25/yard delivered; $13.50/yard picked up using town trucks, rather than $18.53/yard (pick up price plus per day hauling charge [see June 8 minutes]). Rafus said gravel was being purchased according to terms of Renaud’s bid. No action taken.

Highway Department: Paving projects – whether and how to allocate/use funds

Fournier said the Brook Road paving project was coming in under budget. Discussion whether funds could be used to shim road, since that will have to happen next year. Rafus said purchasing policy didn’t allow that.  No action taken.

Highway Department: Road order for October 1 – making sure it’s processed

Fournier and Sumner will make sure road orders are processed.

Highway Department: Tim Masters – road crew interaction concern

Discussion about Masters placing his car near crew members and filming them while they worked and about an incident in which he was alleged to have thrown a shovel at a truck. Masters denied shovel incident but acknowledged recent scrutiny of highway department. Allegations and discussion about non-Selectboard matter concerning children on ATVs on public roads.

Board affirmed its commitment to ensure road crew was safe, that no one interfered with their work or placed others at risk. Masters affirmed he would not film or follow road crew. No action taken.

Job description: Admin Assistant/Secretary

Cheyette suggested scheduling a working meeting to edit document together. No action taken.

Remote option: Two month check-in

Discussion about whether to continue in two month increments. Sumner moved to commit to two more months. Cheyette seconded. Motion passed, 4-0.

Recycling: Update on contamination/enforcement/costs

Sumner reported heavier than normal use of bins in August and thus heavier than normal ($600) contamination. Discussion about impediments to catching people, even with cameras in place, and about solutions that ranged from establishing a transfer station with compactor to eliminating recycling bins. No action taken.

Purchase policy: Brief review and plan to update

Cheyette suggested working meetings to update job descriptions and purchasing policy. No action taken.


Rafus cited Cheyette as his reason for resigning. Rafus left the meeting.


Chait reported good turnout at the composting workshop.

Cheyette raised possibility appointing two people to share road commissioner job. Brief discussion. No action taken.

Sumner moved to adjourn; Silverberg seconded. Motion passed 3-0 at 9:23pm. [confirm].

NOTE: No recording was made of this meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cara Cheyette

For the Selectboard