Office of the Selectboard
Town of Halifax, Vermont

Special Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2012

Present: Edee Edwards, Earl B Holtz, Lewis Sumner, Linda Lyon, Jessica Bruno

Business before the board: To see if there were additional applications for the EMD position. There was one additional candidate whose information was received via e-mail.

Meeting was opened at 10:00 am.

Motion to go into executive session made by Edwards and seconded by Holtz, and passed 2-0-1. Sumner abstained from the vote. Sumner excused himself from the remainder of the meeting.

Came out of executive session at 10:45am, with no decisions being made.

Edwards made a motion to write a letter to the final candidate to thank him for his application, but we feel his experience is not a good fit for our situation. Edwards will follow up with the letter. Holtz seconded the motion, and the motion passed 2-0-0.

The meeting was closed officially at 10:47am.

Respectfully submitted,

Jessica Bruno

Selectboard Secretary