December 12, 2023




Pete Silverberg called the Special Meeting of the Selectboard to order at 6pm on December 12, 2023.  Selectboard members present were Pete Silverberg, Edee Edwards, Tristan Roberts (remote), Patrick McAllister (remote) and Karen Christofferson.  Others present or remote were Stephan Chait, Doug & Marilou Parkhurst, and Patty Dow.


None raised.


FY2025 Budget Discussion.

An account by account discussion of the draft Selectboard’s Budget for FY2025 ensued.

The Selectboard initially directed its attention to the nine “Needle Mover” and related accounts.  As previously described, “Needle Movers” are those accounts in the 2023 Budget/Actual representing 5% or more of the total budget or spend.  FY23 is used as the most recent full year as a proxy for the current period discussion.

  • 6120: Town Clerk $26,250
    • $2,187.50 x 12. No change to FY24
  • 6130: Listers, Regular $30,000
    • A letter from Listers requesting a $4,000 increase to FY24 was received.
    • A discussion of NEMRC software/database ensued
      • Patty Dow suggested the inclusion of NEMRC in Town Expenses in FY25
    • A discussion regarding components of Lister expenses ensued
  • 6256: Listers Supplies (& Mileage) $1,000
    • As noted in the letter received from Listers
    • No change to FY24
    • Includes MLS subscription @ $695
  • 6253: Dues & Subscriptions $6,000
    • No change to FY24
    • Includes Fire Department (Amount needed)
    • Includes Memberships (Amount needed)
    • Includes VLCT Dues ($2,179)
    • Includes Windham Regional Commission Dues ($2,057)
  • 6330: Computer Services $7,000
    • No change to FY24
    • Includes NEMRC of $800 (to be confirmed)
  • 9720: FICA $29,807
    • Patty noted that the total Wages for Town are currently calculated as:

$96,350           Selectboard FY24 Wages Total Account 6100

3,000           Estimated Cemetery Wages FY24

14,000           Estimated Delinquent Tax Collector & Zoning Administrator wages

20,000           Treasurer Salary

340,212          Highway FY25 Wages

           7,200          Highway Commissioner

$480,762          Estimated Total Wages per Treasurer

  • FICA is calculated as 6.2% of Total Wages
  • 97XX: Child Care Tax $2,115
    • Need to create another account for the Child Care Tax VT Act 76
    • New tax per the state assessed as .44% of Total Wages
  • 6452: Bridge Construction Fund $30,000
    • Edee Edwards noted that bridges can be approximately $250,000 to replace
    • VT Trans report identifies the bridges that are nearing replacement
    • Last bridge replaced was Old County Road bridge
    • ARTICLE at Town Meeting:
      • Per Treasurer: Sumner farm bridge possible next to be replaced. ($30k will be its own article). Every year we add $30K to construction, what is leftover in maintenance or construction goes in reserve. In 2019 the bridge fund went to $0.  In 2020 transferred $50K to cover part of equipment. In 2021 $10K leftover. In FY22 60K went in, now we have $59,984
    • A discussion ensued regarding getting in line for grants and speaking with Mike at VTrans and Jeff Nugent at Windham Regional Commission
  • 6610: Dispatching Fees $16,000
    • Flat to FY24
    • Speak with Dennis to confirm the amount billed yearly (Keene Fire Mutual Aid)
  • 6650: Contracted Ambulance Services $21,500
    • Increase to FY24 of $5,000
    • DV Rescue is paid quarterly. $3,750 to $5,000 per quarter
    • Rescue Inc is $92 per month. $92 x 12 = $1,104
    • Dennis will provide the contract information
      • Note: Total amount to be confirmed $21,500 vs $21,104
    • 6715: Contracted Recycling – $20,000
      • No change since FY2022
      • ARTICLE at Town Meeting. Discussion as to whether or not to keep the service
      • Unauthorized dumping previously noted and discussed at prior Selectboard meetingsPete discussed situation with VLCT and it is not a required service
      • Removing the service could result in more unauthorized dumping
      • Have not seen the bill for FY2025. Need to confirm the FY25 amount.
    • 6853: Workers Comp $Amount Pending
      • The amount is determined by the rating the Town receives in the annual audit
      • Patty will populate this amount
    • 6857: VLCT Property & Casualty/EMT
      • Remove the line item. Hasn’t been used from FY22-FY24
    • 6110: Selectboard $9,000
      • FY24 $1,800 x 5 = $9,000
      • A discussion ensued regarding whether with five members should the amount be reduced on a per member basis. It was noted that it is very difficult to get anyone to participate in Town roles so reducing the amount may be a deterrent to having people take on these roles. Edee Edwards asked for comment from the public in attendance.  Response was that No, the members work too hard and should be increased rather than reduced.
      • Patrick noted surprise that Auditors set the amount
      • Edee will circulate the VLCT Statute about the Auditors setting the amount
    • 6112: Selectboard Secretary and 6113: Selectboard Administrative Assistant
      • Discussion ensued about combining the two into a single line item/Account
      • 6112 FY24 = $3,000
      • 6113 FY24 = $13,000
      • Discussion ensued about more work being done now and no increase since before FY2022. Suggested increase of 10% for a combined total of $17,600
      • Pete noted that consultation with DOL – VLCT provided guidance about minimum wage requirements so we should review hours worked as part of setting the amount.
    • 6121: Town Clerk Assistant $4,600
      • No change to FY24
      • Bill & Tina have provided coverage
      • Patty noted a number of large projects that need to be tackled.
      • Hourly amount is $20
    • 6140: Planning Commission / ZBA Secretary $1,500
      • Patrick noted this has been consistently underspent in prior years
      • Edee noted lots of recent activity
      • After discussion determined to leave with no change to FY24
    • 6152: EMD $3,500
      • Edee noted that this was originally funded by VT Yankee at $20,000
      • It has been $3,500 since 2022 in non-Emergency periods
      • No change to FY24
    • 6160: Auditors $3,500
      • Previously $1,500 for Chair and $1,000 for members
      • Town only has two Auditors this year, both of whom were appointed
      • It was noted that they will need to submit paperwork for FY25 term
    • 6165: Constable $5,000
      • No change to FY22 through FY24
    • 6170: Town Procurement Officer
      • Hide the row. Not used since Hurricane Irene
    • 6180: Assistant Treasurer $1,000
      • No change to FY24
    • 6210: Conferences/Training $500
      • Reduce from FY24 amount of $750


At 7:23pm Patty Dow left the meeting.  The work in progress file was transferred to Karen Christofferson who shared her screen

  • 6251: Repairs and Maintenance $1,500
    • No change to FY24
  • 6252: Telephone/Internet $6,300
    • Increase of $1,800 from FY24
    • Dennis Annear estimated at prior Selectboard meeting that Starlink will be $1,200 until Broadband is complete during 2024-2025
  • 6254: Ad & Legal Notices $1,000
    • No change to FY24
    • Pete noted that if we need to hire for the Town this can be expensive
  • 6255: Office Supplies Town Clerk $2,000
    • No change to FY24
  • 6258: Auditors Supplies
    • Remove this line item
  • 6260: Selectboard Supplies & Mileage $1,000
    • FY24 had $2,500 which is for a replacement laptop/computer & Microsoft Office license for the Selectboard Administrative Assistant
    • The laptop/computer should be purchased as soon as possible
    • The proposed FY25 amount is $1,500 less than FY24
  • 62XX: Add Computer & Software as new Account Line Item $2,500
    • New Laptop/Computer and Microsoft Office License for Highway Department for FY25
  • 6261: Planning Commission Supplies and Mileage $750
    • No change to FY24
  • 6262: EOC Emergency Supplies & Exp $5,000
    • Need information from EMD
    • FY24 budgeted $10,000 for Emergency Trailer. Is this still pending?
    • Start at $5,000 and speak with EMD for his guidance
  • 6265: Lease Agreements $3,000
    • No change for FY22-24
    • Town Hall office Copy machine and Communication Tower paid at Ferrington’s
  • 6266: Broadband Committee Expenses Reduce to $0
    • FY24 was $500
  • 6267: Conservation Commission Expenses Reduce to $0
    • FY24 was $0
    • Stephan Chait said FY25 would also be $0
  • 6268: Constable Expenses $0
    • FY24 was $0
    • Pete will speak with Andy about FY25


7:59pm Completed through Account 6250 Town Office Expenses

  • Meeting was warned as 6pm through 8pm
  • Pause discussion until next Special Meeting to be warned for January 4, 2024 @ 6pm


Pete Silverberg reported that Chum Sumner asked him to attend a School Board meeting during which the arrangement between the School and Town for $11,000 in rent in exchange for “in kind” snow plowing services.

  • There are reimbursements from the State to be discussed
  • A meeting needs to be arranged with Chum, Patty and the Selectboard


Karen Christofferson volunteered to create a draft Summary Comparison of FY24 Budget with FY25 Budget (Highway and Selectboard components) for the January 4th Special meeting.  In order to minimize cycle time in preparing the comparison, Karen will temporarily adopt the FY24 budget amounts for the remainder of the Selectboard Budget which were not addressed at this December 12th meeting

Patrick McAllister noted that the Eames Fund and Scott Funds provide annual income to the Town and that the Town needs to provide the relevant Trustees with a formal request for the FY25 amount.

  • The Agenda for the January 4th meeting should include a discussion regarding the Eames and Scott Fund amounts
  • The Eames fund provided $1,500 in FY22 and $1,700 in FY23
  • The Scott Fund has provided $14,000 a year in the past



None requested



8:12 pm Pete Silverberg moved to Adjourn the Meeting, Seconded by Edee Edwards

All in favor and meeting adjourned 5-0

Meeting recording: