Town of Halifax, Vermont



December 14, 2013


Call to Order


The first part of the meeting was called to order at 8:04 am at the town office.  Board members in attendance were Lewis Sumner, Earl Holtz and Edee Edwards.  Others present were Jessica Bruno, Patty Dow, and Ross Barnett. At 11:00 am Peter Holden, Bill Rossignol, Kevin Flynn, Pete Cournoyer, Beth Cournoyer, Jeff Putnam, Connie Putnam, Katherine Belisle, Erik Hansen, and Nils Hansen were also present.


Salt Shed Roof

Sumner received a call from All Roofing Inc regarding the salt shed roof bid. They said they talked with an engineer and it was determined that additional work would be needed to build it to code. They re-submitted an estimate in the amount of $18,500.


Sumner made a motion to reject the revised bid for the salt shed roof from All Roofing, Inc. and have them return their deposit. Holtz seconded the motion, which passed 3-0-0.


Edwards noted that when she talked with the school board regarding maintenance, they mentioned the roof. It may be more attractive to bidders if they bundle the two jobs.


Selectboard Budget

The Selectboard updated the FY15 Selectboard budget.


The Selectboard discussed putting a 5 person board on the warning. They also discussed the need for administrative support.


There was a discussion about the EMD’s funding from VT Yankee. Does the town have the expectation that there would be someone in that role that receives compensation? It was noted that most town EMD’s are volunteer positions.


There was a discussion about the restrictions of our constable due to certification issues and whether they should consider exploring an increased state police presence. 


Follow up items:

-Contact Pattty Dow and the listers regarding per parcel income for re-appraisal and the amount left in the reserve fund.


Town Report

Dow noted that she inquired with VLCT and VT Secretary of State regarding the requirements of mailing the entire town report. Legally they need to mail the warrant, summary of revenues and expenditures, and the auditor’s report. VLCT recommends putting an article at town meeting to determine whether they should continue mailing the entire report. She noted that you can mail the required pages and have a preferred mailing list for those that want the entire report mailed. The Selectboard would like to mail the entire report this year as they have in the past and consider the reduced mailing next year.


Hearing of Visitors

Barnett informed the Selectboard that Christina Moore received a phone call from the Department of Homeland Security Fire Prevention Division. They were informed that the fire department has not been filling out the national fire reports. Two years of reports are due January 1, 2014. They will be receiving help from Rusty Sage in Brattleboro for training on how to complete the forms. If the reports are not filed, FEMA grant funding could be in jeopardy.


At 10:35 am the meeting was in recess. At 11:01 am the meeting reconvened.


Old County North Bridge Project

The bridge engineers reviewed the plans with the property owners affected by the project. Holden discussed the construction of the new bridge and the temporary pedestrian bridge. There was a discussion about the town right of way. The engineers had done research, but were unable to find the deed for Old County Road. It is uncertain whether the right of way is 2 or 4 rods wide. He explained that it is safe to assume the town owns 2 rods (33’). As part of construction they need to build a pedestrian bridge, work under the bridge, and park a crane, all impacted by the right of way. He asked citizens to allow for a temporary construction easement. He also mentioned the need for a permanent maintenance easement to maintain the end of the bridge and maintain the road.

Drawings have been sent to the district AOT office. They are checking to make sure there are no Army Corps of Engineers permits required.

The group discussed a timeline. It was estimated that the bridge would be gone for about 3 weeks. Bridge construction is planned for the summer. The group discussed parking options and two neighbors agreed to allow parking in their driveways for the citizens across the bridge that will not be able to cross. The group also briefly discussed fire protection. Sumner noted that he has talked to the fire department and they are working on a temporary solution.

At 11:55 am the group headed to the bridge site. At 12:14 pm they arrived at Old County North bridge. The engineers discussed the bridge project further. They showed the group which trees would be removed. The owners of the trees would like to keep the logs for firewood and it was agreed that could be done. The group also viewed parking areas.




The meeting was adjourned at 12:36 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Jessica Bruno

Selectboard Secretary