December 5, 2023




Pete called the meeting to order at 6pm on December 5, 2023. Selectboard members present Edee Edwards, Patrick McAllister, Pete Silverberg, Karen Christofferson, and Tristan Roberts. Others present in person or remotely were Tia Anderson, Gary Rand, Linda Lyon, Keith Stone, Stephan Chait, Doug Parkhurst, and Marilou Parkhurst.



  • Change order to make Aldrich Road Request for plowing and Hall Road Driveway permit consecutive in agenda


  • Oct. 17, 2023: Edee Edwards made a motion to approve with changes sent via email. Patrick seconds. Passed 4-0-1 Abstain from Tristan Roberts.
  • Oct. 18
    • Edee Edwards makes motions to change the adjournment. Patrick seconds. Passed 5-0.
  • Oct. 30: Pete Silverberg made a motion to approve minutes with the following items. Edee Edwards Seconds. Passed 4-1 Abstain from Patrick McAllister.
    • The board members present did a detailed walk-through of the drafts-to-date for Highway Supervisor and Road Commissioner roles, revising as proposed by the board, and noting remaining questions.
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  • Nov. 7, 2023
    • Repeated bullet – deleted
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    • Patrick made motion to approve minutes with following changes. Karen Christofferson seconds. Passed 3-2 abstain from Edee Edwards and Pete SIlverberg
  • Nov. 21
    • Edee Edwards makes motion to approve meeting minutes with following changes. Pete seconds. 4-1 abstain from Karen Christofferson
    • Selectboard order #10 totaled $11,220.69 per a copy of the final order.
    • “…classify that portion of Aldridge Road (also needs correction to Aldrich), which I missed before.
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  • Aldrich Road request for plowing (research update & change process)
    • Stakeholders present: Tia Anderson, Mike Fournier, Keith Stone
    • Discussion was had regarding plowing for Aldrich Road
      • Confirmed in 2018 made class 3 road, discontinued the road in Whitingham.
      • If the town wants to change the plowing on that road, VLCT says you must have a quasi-judicial hearing if not maintained before year 2000 factoring in safety considerations for residents and highways crew
      • No action taken: Selectboard does not have intention to maintain the road due complicated circumstances such as utility poles and no turnaround
    • Hall Rd. driveway permit
      • Discussion was had regarding Hall Road driveway permit
        • Since 2018, Halifax highway crew has been maintaining road requiring turnaround and last year put in turn around
        • Noted that potential solution is creating Right of Way Agreement with the landowner
        • No action taken.
        • Action Item: Alison to put on the next agenda. Patrick McAllister will talk to town lawyer. Pete Silverberg will discuss with property owners Michael & Maureen Drummey.
      • Youtube double channel resolved
      • Sale of 149 Wheeler Road property
        • Discussion was had regarding logistical property sale
        • Town Lawyer Fisher recommended sealed bid process to sell the property, place ad in paper
          • Minimum bid will cover all expenses to Halifax, nothing over
        • Action Item: Alison to place add week of December 18th, Week of January 8th & 15th. Place advertisements in Deerfield Valley News.
        • Open bid February 6th, 2023
      • Add additional selectboard budget meetings to calendar
        • ARPA discussion was had regarding timing of ARPA final decision meeting. Discussion noted:
          • DVFiber Representative candidate has come forward.
          • MERP Grant for town garage roof is not looking as promising as originally thought
          • Selectboard wants to have more understanding of MERP grant and potential other funding.
          • January 20, 2023 10-12
          • Action Item: Pete Silverberg to call Gretchen Havreluk.
        • Already scheduled: Budget December 12, 2023 6pm
        • NEW date: Budget January 4, 2023 Thursday 6pm


  • Cemetery Commission Annual Report and FY25 Request for Funds
    • Discussion was regarding cemetery commission annual report and request for funds
    • Request for funds increasing from $17,000 to $23,700 for FY25 due to increased deferred maintenance over years and inflated costs.
      • Accomplishments of 2024
        • 32 trees removed from Whitneyville cemetery
        • Nile Cemetery has new extension prepared for operations, leveled and cleared
        • Between Commissioners and volunteers made 48 visits
        • Halifax Center Cemetery – Identified 120 gravesites they didn’t know existed, took the initiative to uncover restoration of stone and general maintenance, generous donation to do ground penetration scan to find 120 unmarked graves – placed stone for permanent markers
      • Action Item: Warn as separate article as Cemetery Commission request for funds
    • Scott and Eames Funds proceeds
      • Discussion was had regarding proceeds town funds
        • Historically, Scott fund given $14K to town garage bond, now paid off
        • Eames fund needs to be decided how much from those funds
          • Town needs to ask the Public Trustee of how much they would like and when the transfer needs to take place
        • No action taken.
      • Naming of unnamed hill near Sodom Rd.
        • Resident is applying to USGS to name hill, Homestead Hill
        • Resident is not in attendance.
        • Action Item: Pete Silverberg to forward letter from resident to rest of selectboard
      • New Truck #5 financing discussion
        • Discussion was had regarding financing
        • Action Item: Pete Silverberg to discuss with Patty what options for financing New Truck #5.
      • Halifax Fire Company Internet Company change
        • Discussion was had regarding new Starlink
        • Fire company
          • Set up fee: $600
            • Landline component unclear
            • $62/month now for Consolidated landline
          • Edee Edwards made a motion to cover the cost for Halifax Fire company internet upgrades.
        • DV Fiber Representative:
          • Discussion was had regarding DV Fiber Applicant
          • Tristan Roberts made a motion to appoint Detlef Ronneburger to DVFiber vacant rep. Edwards seconded. Motion carried 5-0.
          • Action Item: Vacancy form needs to be filled out to send to DVFiber.


  • Treasury Order read in. Total: $9,853.39
  • Road Commissioner order read in.


  • Windham Regional Commission – Work Program & Budget
  • KAS Closed Landfill Inspection Report
    • Map was included in report
    • Pete Silverberg to follow up on tree maintenance
  • Business ads in Town Report
    • Selectboard agrees to not include
  • Changing language to conflict of interest policy
    • Alison to place on the floating items list.
  • Delinquent Tax Collector
    • Asking to include a penalty for 149 Wheeler Road on outstanding taxes.
  • Windham County Humane Society
    • Letter stating start of construction from January 2023 – June 2023 and will have 50% less capacity for animals.


            Pete Silverberg adjourned at 8:25. Patrick McAllister seconded. Passed 5-0.


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