Town of Halifax, Vermont

Joint Informational Meeting

February 28, 2012

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7: 07 PM by Town Moderator Patricia Pusey.  Selectboard members in attendance were John LaFlamme, Lewis Sumner, and Edee Edwards.  School Board members in attendance were Homer “Chum” Sumner, Paul Blais, and Alfred Corey.  Others in attendance were Town Clerk Patricia Dow Selectboard Secretary Phyllis Evanuk, candidates for election, and a number of interested citizens.

Moderator Pusey advised they would hear questions and comments regarding the Town portion of the Warning and then meet the candidates for Selectman, Lister, Auditors, First and Second Constable, Collector of Delinquent Taxes, Trustee of Public Funds, Town Agent, Cemetery Commissioners, Library Trustee, and School Director.  She advised that She was up for reelection for Town Moderator and School District Moderator, and that William Pusey was up for reelection for Town Grand Juror, but he was unable to be here this evening. Following that the School Board would be available for questions and comments.

Mr. LaFlamme presented an overview of the Irene Recovery efforts, how much the Town has already spent, the projected additional costs, and the amounts that the Town has already received in reimbursement from FEMA.  He advised that at Town Meeting next week they would have more comprehensive data regarding the funding.

The Board members answered questions that were raised.

Moderator Pusey advised that as the questions seemed at an end they would now move on to meet the candidates.  She requested that candidates for each office come to the front of the room when called, and face the audience.

Selectboard (3 yrs.):     Mitchell J. Green; Earl B. Holtz

Each candidate gave a synopsis of their qualifications and addressed questions asked.

Lister (3 yrs.):   Joe Tamburrino (incumbent); Vicki B. Allen; Greg Marguet (was not present)

Each candidate gave a synopsis of their qualifications and addressed questions asked.

Auditor (3 yrs.):  Alane B. Smith:

Mrs. Smith advised she was appointed to the position of auditor and has enjoyed it so much she would like to continue.  She also advised the people in attendance that they should be proud of the job that the Board has done in keeping a tight grip on the town’s finances because in comparison to many other towns Halifax carries very little debt.

Auditor (1 yr.): Sarah Barnett:

Ms. Barnett gave a synopsis of her qualifications and why she was seeking the position.

First Constable (1 yr.):  Leonard H. Derby, Sr. (incumbent); William C. Butler

Mr. Derby gave a synopsis of the things he has been doing during the past year, and advised that he was not able to take courses for certification through the State Police Academy, as required to be able to have police powers.  He advised he sat in on some courses but has not gone through the complete program required.  He advised that while he does not have the authority to write tickets, he does have permission to use the blue lights on his cruiser.  He feels that using them is sufficient to make some motorists slow down and obey the law.  He also can handle animal complaints and has training in animal disease control.  He also received a certificate for ICS (Incident Command System). He advised that if a citizen has a complaint or situation that requires police intervention they should call 911.

Mr. Butler advised that he is not looking for police powers, but only for those things allowed without the police academy training.  He advised he has looked into it and the certification training required to gain police powers is very time consuming.  He feels that the Town needs someone who knows the town, has time to travel the town roads, and keep an eye on peoples’ property and be available to assist them when the need arises.  The state police are available if a serious situation arises.

Second Constable (1 yr.):  Roy Richardson (was not present)

Collector of Delinquent Taxes (1 yr.):  Laura Sumner

Mrs. Sumner gave a synopsis of her qualifications and advised she would like to continue in the position.

Trustee of Public Funds (3 yrs.): William Moore (was not present)

Town Agent (1 yr.): Melissa Green (was not present)

Cemetery Commissioner (3 yrs.): Jesse K. White Jr. (was not present)

Cemetery Commissioner (1 yr.): Jeff DeForest (was not present)

Library Trustee (3 yrs.): Vicki B. Allen

Ms. Allen introduced herself again having just a few minutes before given her information as she is also running for Lister.

School Director (3 yrs.): Alfred A. Corey (incumbent); Shelby Brimmer

Each candidate gave a synopsis of their qualifications and answered questions from the attendees.

Moderator Pusey thanked all of the candidates and advised that if there was no objection they would now hear from the School Board about that portion of the budget.

School Board members Sumner, Corey, and Blais advised they were keeping it as tight as possible.  They answered general questions regarding the school, possible consolidation, school choice, and tuition costs.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis H. Evanuk