Town of Halifax, Vermont
July 7, 2009

Call to Order

             The meeting was called to order at 7:32 PM.  Board members in attendance were John LaFlamme, Mitchell Green, and Lewis Sumner.  Others in attendance were Margo Avakian, Greg Marguet, and Board Secretary Phyllis Evanuk.

 Approval of Minutes

              Mr. LaFlamme moved to accept the minutes of the June 16, 2009 meeting as written.
            Mr. Sumner seconded the motion.
The motion carried 2-0-1, with Mr. Green abstaining as he was not in attendance at that meeting, and the minutes were approved.

 Hearing of Visitors

Greg Marguet asked about the installation of highway safety signage in areas of town, such as at the intersection of Branch Road and Jacksonville Stage Road.  He noted that he thought it had been discussed at an earlier meeting of the Board and he wondered what progress was being made.  

Mr. Marguet also inquired about the legality of “quads” on the town roads.

 A short discussion of both of these topics followed. Mr. LaFlamme advised that they have been adding traffic signs to intersections where they felt the need, so things have improved somewhat. It was noted that quads cannot legally operate on the roads, however short distances to get from one trail to another, is allowed under certain conditions.  Although the town has the option of allowing them on the roads, at the current time it has been determined that it is in the best interest of the town to prohibit such use.

Mr. Marguet advised he has been attending the Windham Solid Waste Management District meetings.  He advised he is not a representative of the Town but would like to be considered as an alternate as he is very enthusiastic about the issues.  He advised that the towns have a representative and are allowed an alternate.  He requested that it be put on the next agenda for consideration.  Mr. LaFlamme advised they could discuss it, but presently they have both a representative and an alternate.

Laura Sumner advised the Board that the state has increased the fee for recording documents from $8 to $10 per page.  The law on saving a dollar of that fee for the restoration fund has expired but the towns can approve continuing it.  She requested that the Board continue to set aside $1 per page for the restoration and equipment fund.

Mr. Green moved to continue putting $1 per page from the recording fees into the restoration and equipment fund.

Mr. LaFlamme seconded the motion, which carried 3-0.

 Old Business

      Update Employee Handbook

 The Board continued the review of the Employee Handbook Draft.  A discussion on the hours worked and the normal workday schedule followed. 

 Mr. Marguet brought up the number of hours the work crew gets paid for and advised that because it seemed to be a hot topic at Town Meeting, he thought the Board should get input from the voters.  He further suggested that the road crew should be cut back to 40 hours and overtime allowed only when absolutely necessary, like in the winter.  He then suggested that they should be given comp time instead of overtime pay.   

 Modified language was considered for carryover of vacation time.  The language regarding forfeiture of time was deleted and in its place was language regarding payment in lieu of time off.

The smoking policy was discussed and wording was discussed.  Mr. LaFlamme advised that the VLCT model was actually more strict than the state law.  They agreed that they would only include the state mandated restrictions.

Mr. LaFlamme will review the handbook and then confer with the secretary for final draft for approval.

New Business


 Other Business

Mr. LaFlamme advised that the road crew is moving right along with the Thomas Hill storm cleanup, and this is in part due to one of the landowners who has generously given permission to them to use her property during the cleanup.  Without this, they would have had to truck all of the brush back to the garage.  He suggested that they should acknowledge her cooperation.


Mr. Marguet advised that the longer he sat here the more things he thought of that he would like put on the agenda for next week.  He advised that up on Pennell Hill there is a water problem and Christine Boyko would like something done about it.  He advised he was representing her and would like them to address the issue.  He suggested that they get together and go to the site.  Mr. LaFlamme advised that that would be under the purview of Brad Rafus.  He suggested that Mr. Marguet tell Ms. Boyko to contact Mr. LaFlamme and once they determine what times would be alright with her, he will contact the other parties and arrange a time.



 Planning Commissioner Paul Placentino tendered his resignation.

 Mr. Sumner moved to accept with regret the resignation of Paul Placentino and to authorize the secretary to send a letter of appreciation.

Mr. LaFlamme seconded the motion, which carried 3-0.

The vacancy will be posted.

Rescue Inc. would like a representative from Halifax on the Board.  The Board will advise the EMS personnel and will consider interested parties at the next meeting.

WASI quarterly report was received.  

The mail was reviewed and appropriately filed.

Selectmen’s Order to Town Treasurer for bill payment

            The order for payment of bills was completed and signed. 


The meeting was adjourned at 9:26 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Phyllis H. Evanuk