March 15, 2022



Sumner called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. Selectboard members present were, Lewis Sumner, Pete Silverberg, and Edee Edwards, Tristan Roberts and Cara Cheyette participating remotely. Others in attendance in person or remotely were Linda Hubner, Linda Lyon, Stephan Chait, Paul and Tina Blais, Raquel Smith, Keith Stone, Mike Fournier, David Jones, and Doug and Marilou Parkhurst, Janice Bliss, Chris Parker, and Laurel Copeland .


Sumner would like to have ordinance violation on 10070 Jacksonville Stage Rd.


Cheyette moved to approve minutes, Sumner seconded and passed, 4-0.


Sumner opened 4 truck bids, 3 from ATG and 1 from Western Star. Fournier will take a look at how much total costs are with extended warranty to help make decision.

Silverberg discussed beaver mitigation update, finding materials are difficult to get, need 12in flex. May not be able to get until end of the year. The solid stuff can be here by end of June.

Patty got email for a grant Paul submitted back in 2019. It just got awarded so Paul and Patty are going through the process. They will send us back checklist, hoping that the Windham Regional Commission will pick up on it. Award amount is about 10K altogether.

Paul handed out local Emergency Management Plan. Paul states purpose of EOC is bringing people together to develop a plan to take action and who has what resources to help. Paul suggested that primary EOC location should be Town Office and backup should be the Fire House. The shelter location currently is the elementary school. It would make sense that the Town Office should be primary EOC since they are next to each other. Selectboard agreed making Town Office EOC and Fire House the backup. EOC can be changed at any time. Janice asked if there is a training that can help so people can volunteer. Paul states if you want to volunteer with the shelter you have to do it through the American Red Cross. When hazard mitigation plan comes out, it will list vulnerable population, daycares, etc. Paul will send all residents form that will include what animals they have and who vulnerable population is. It will include how to sign up for alerts. Plan is due on May 1st.

Roberts asked if secretary can work with Paul to go over his job description and work on revising it.

Sumner read junk ordinance violation from 10070 Jacksonville Stage Rd back in May 2020. They had to have it cleaned up by July 1, 2020, which they did not comply. Every day after it wasn’t done it was $50 a day. It was a fine for over 500 days, letting the violation accrue to $27,450. Company sold the place and wants appeal the fine. Silverberg states having the property sit vacant and degrade over time is not in the best interest of the town. If the property was sold to someone who will take care of the property would be in the best interest. Patty put violation on the door of the house per banks recommendation. After that they started cleaning it up, in January 2022. If we let this ordinance slide then other townspeople will wonder why they are having to pay their ordinances. We have to be fair and stick to our rules. Cheyette suggested that we invite them to a meeting to discuss what their appeal is before moving forward.  Roberts motioned to table, they can come in to talk to us about it at next meeting, passed 4-0.



ARPA Funds – Special SB meeting on March, 29 at 6pm to discuss how to spend the funds. Silverberg will attend webinar on Monday and discuss at meeting.

Road Supervisor/Commissioner Job Descriptions – Edwards explained the work has been done, decided to put on next meeting discussion on April 5.

Post Office update – We are in a holding pattern. The post office is working on finding a new location. There is a 90 day period where they will do their work and then a 30 day period for discussion.

Fournier states that budget has to be done by April 15th. We have a town cell phone now and wanted to know if he can switch his cell phone number to the town cell phone number so he does not have to carry around two phones. Discussion of the possibility to forward calls to one phone. Edwards discussed OT pay with salaries coming to $30,000 less than what was budgeted. How much OT is hard to predict. Discussion of updating winter roads policy. Airbnb hosts need to advise their renters that they need to have appropriate vehicles for getting out there. We have to make it clear that it is not our responsibility. Hosts should have a plan for who will help their renters out if they get stuck, such as plowers who clear their road.








3 overweight permits.

Sumner read Selectboard Order.

Cheyette motioned to adjourn meeting, Edwards seconded and passed 4-0. Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Roza Podlaski

For the Selectboard


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