Selectboard Town of Halifax, VT Minutes – Regular Meeting
March 20, 2012

Call to Order

A regular meeting of the Halifax Selectboard was held at the Town Office, called to order at 7:30 p.m.  Present were Selectboard members Lewis Sumner, Earl Holtz and Edee Edwards.  Members of the public present included Margo Avakian, John LaFlamme, CJ (Craig) Stone, Bradley Rafus, Peggy Webber, Raymond Combs, Joe Tamburrino, Linda Smith, Leonard Derby, Marilyn Allen, Jeanne Martin, Kevin O’Donnell, Keith Stone, Greg Marguet, Carl Barman, and Mike Fournier.

Meeting Minutes

Edee Edwards made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from February 21, 2012, with corrections of the start time to 7:30 pm, changing the words “purchasing documents” to “purchasing forms,” on page 1, and page 2 a correction from EMI to EME.  Earl Holtz seconded the motion, which passed 3-0.

Edee Edwards made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from February 24, 2012, with removal of the word hydraulic from the Reed Hill Road Bridge paragraph, and addition of the words “but would flow around the east side of the bridge.”  Lewis Sumner amended the motion to say it would flow around the west side. Because neither Lewis Sumner or Earl Holtz attended the meeting, former Selectboard chair John LaFlamme seconded the motion from the floor.  The motion passed with approval of 2 from Edee Edwards and John LaFlamme, and two abstentions by Earl Holtz and Lewis Sumner.

Edee Edwards made a motion to accept the minutes from February 28, 2012 as written.  Lewis Sumner seconded the motion, which passed 3-0.

Lewis Sumner made a motion to accept the meeting minutes from March 2, 2012.  Edee Edwards seconded it, but amended it to correct the spelling of status on page 2.  Earl Holtz questioned whether to approve it when he’d been there for only part of it.  Edee Edwards noted that we didn’t need to be too formal in the process.  The motion passed 3-0.

Lewis Sumner made a motion to accept the meeting minutes from March 6, 2012.  Edee Edwards seconded it with a correction to add an additional Senator’s name to the list (who was sent a letter when the omission was noticed.)  The motion passed 2-0-1, with Earl Holtz abstaining.

New Business

Reorganization of Selectboard:

Selectboard, Chair (1 year)

Edee Edwards nominated Lewis Sumner as the chair.  Earl Holtz seconded the motion.  The motion passed 2-0-1 with Lewis Sumner abstaining.

Selectboard, Vice Chair (1 year)

Earl Holtz nominated Edee Edwards as vice chair.  Lewis Sumner seconded the motion, which passed 2-0-1 with Edee Edwards abstaining.

Edee Edwards agreed to take minutes for tonight’s meeting.

Edee Edwards noted that one of the candidates for Secretary was concerned about how late the meetings have been running, and wanted to discuss the meeting times, however Lewis Sumner said this discussion would take place after the appointments were finished.

Road postings (mud season and road-bridge closure updates):

Lewis Sumner made a motion that the town post the roads as normally done for weight limits during mud season, until the Road Commissioner sees that the roads are dried up.  Earl Holtz seconded the motion.  Earl Holtz questioned and it was confirmed that some of our roads were already posted.  The motion passed 3-0.

NFIP – National Flood Insurance Program follow up paperwork:

Zoning Secretary Phyllis Evanuk had submitted a packet of paperwork for the Selectboard to sign to finalize the Town’s application to the NFIP program.

Lewis Sumner made a motion to complete the packet of paperwork required to join the National Flood Insurance Program.  Earl Holtz seconded the motion, which passed 3-0.

The board re-signed the Resolution of Intent to Join the NFIP, and Lewis Sumner took the action item to work with the listers to fill out and sign the Application as the Chair, as well as get Patty Dow to complete a portion certifying the Town meeting results.  It needs to be completed by end of March.

The listers will help identify any homes and acreage in the flood plains or that are likely to be flooded.

Additional / recurring purchase of stone:

Joe Tamburrino as town purchasing agent had contacted Mitchell Trucking about an additional purchase of stone for $19.00 per cubic yard for 1000 cubic yards, equal to what was paid a few weeks ago.  It could be done as a supplement to the recent purchase, or as a repetitive buy.

The total would be $19,000.  Edwards noted that we bought twice as much as normally used, but it was all gone already.  The next FY budget is only $7,000, so money will have to be shifted from elsewhere.

Edee Edwards made a motion to set up a recurring purchase of stone or one year from Mitchell Trucking, using the pricing from our bidding process in January.   Earl Holtz asked if 1000 yards enough to fill the reserve, but Brad Rafus said he couldn’t predict if it would be.  Usually 300-400 yards is needed, but the weather hasn’t cooperated by freezing at night.  The road crew can’t get to some sections of roads without damaging the roads.

Lewis Sumner seconded the motion, which passed 3-0.

Town uniforms & jackets:

Joe Tamburrino was following up on the uniforms cleaning service by G&K.

The contract expires in Jan. 2015.  He presented all the costs per item, which totals $ 8,431 / year.  Coveralls are not being used, so Joe cancelled the coveralls, saving $660.

The jackets, which cannot be used without an additional safety vest, could be cancelled to save $1651.

If the contractual obligations for service are not met, we would have to send a letter of complaint.  They have 60 days to respond, and if they don’t the town has 10 days to notify them in writing and the town could cancel the contract at no cost.  Joe made up a form for the Road Crew to keep track of what is sent and received back, which initially had indicated an improvement in service.

Tamburrino and Rafus looked at state approved, class 3, all season weather proof jackets to replace the rental jackets can be purchased at a cost between $84-89 each, about $425, offering a total savings (including both the jackets and coveralls) of $1,226/year.  They have options for zipping off sleeves or hoods, to be used most days of the year except in the heat of summer.  Jackets would belong to the town, and would need to be replaced every few years.

Lewis Sumner made a motion to buy class 3 state-approved all-weather jackets and cancel the cleaning service for coveralls and jackets.  Earl Holtz seconded it, and it passed 3-0.

Carl Barman asked for confirmation about who would clean the new jackets.  The employees would clean their own.

Tamburrino also submitted some update forms in the Selectboard mail from the purchasing committee of Earl Holtz, Rick Gay and Charlene Martynowski.


Selectboard Secretary (1 year)

Carl Barmen recommended Carol Wright who was secretary for Planning Commission.   Edee Edwards noted that Carol had expressed interest at Town Meeting, and she had sent her a copy of the draft position description, but we haven’t received a formal letter of interest yet.

Edwards also advised that Jessica Bruno, who has been on the Halifax Broadband Committee, has submitted a letter of interest as well.

Keith Stone asked to clarify if the position was a paid position, which was confirmed.

The Selectboard decided to set up two timeslots directly before the next Selectboard meeting to interview the candidates.  Edwards agreed to contact Carol Wright and Jessica Bruno to set up the interviews for April 3rd.

Halifax Planning Commission (4 years)

Terms Expiring in 2016

Two positions are open.  The Planning Commission had originally heard of interest from 4 people.  Nick Bartenhagen had bowed out due to a conflict, Lewis Sumner and Edee Edwards had each heard from Howie Alboum, current chair.

Other candidates were Linda Smith, Charlene Martynowski, and John Brimmer.  Earl Holtz suggest that maybe Howie could vet the candidates, since he works directly with them.  Edwards and Sumner noted that Howie said he could work with all of the candidates.

Edwards noted Brimmer’s past experience, Linda Smith’s new interest, and that  Charlene Martinowski is already doing a lot for the town as a lister.

Edee Edwards nominated Linda Smith and John Brimmer to fill the positions for Halifax Planning Commission.  Earl Holtz seconded the motion.

Linda Smith spoke of her interest.  She felt that it was a good position, as there’s a lot going on with it, but the time commitment is reasonable for her to do along with her full-time job.  She’s been in the Town for 8 years, and thought she could step forward to help.

The motion passed 3-0.

Halifax Zoning Board of Adjustment (4 years)

Terms Expiring in 2016

Lewis Sumner noted that the same people as on the Planning Commission usually serve in the ZBA also, as zoning doesn’t usually require a whole lot of additional meetings.

Edee Edwards nominated Linda Smith and John Brimmer to fill the positions for Halifax Zoning Board of Adjustment.  Earl Holtz seconded the motion.  It passed 3-0.

Road Commissioner (1 year)

Lewis Sumner nominated Brad Rafus for Road Commissioner.  Edee Edwards seconded the motion, which passed 3-0.

Tree Warden (1 year)

Earl Holtz proposed Mark Gunkel for Tree Warden.

Mark Gunkel spoke of his availability and his interest.  He advised he has a science and environmental background, has taught in secondary schools, and has been speaking with the County Forester for a number of years.

Brad Rafus suggested that Craig Stone would be a good candidate also.  Rafus noted Stone’s background as forester, and stated that he knows the town and people. Lewis Sumner noted that Craig Stone has a degree in Forestry.

Craig said he didn’t come to the meeting prepared to be Tree Warden, but he confirmed his Forestry degree and some sociology classes.  He noted the importance of getting along with both the public and the Town Crew doing their jobs.

Joe Tamburrino asked Mark about his availability, and Mark confirmed having a very flexible schedule in his full-time job.  Earl Holtz advised the same question would be appropriate for Craig Stone as a small business owner.

After some further discussion, Edee Edwards nominated Mark Gunkel for Tree Warden, and Earl Holtz seconded it.  It passed 3-0.

Sumner asked Gunkel to get in touch with Brad Rafus to get underway.

Fence Viewers (1 year)

Inspector of Lumber (1 year)

Weigher of Coal (1 year)

Lewis Sumner noted that we don’t have to have Fence Viewers anymore.  Edwards confirmed that VLCT had said written an article last year stating that we don’t need to appoint people for several positions anymore, and that since everyone is so busy, it seems wise to make government smaller.

Earl Holtz asked Craig Stone if he had much work to do as Inspector of Lumber. Stone said no, but that was what made it a good job.  Edee Edwards asked Carl Barmen if he had done any fence viewing recently, and he said that the only time it had been done in the past, they still had to call a lawyer.

Several people noted that in her poem at Town Meeting this year, Weigher of Coal Rose Alboum had stated something to effect of this being her last year.

Edee Edwards made a motion not to appoint anyone to Fence Viewer, Inspector of Lumber, or Weigher of Coal, as the state no longer requires this.  Lewis Sumner seconded the motion. It passed 3-0.

Pound Keeper (1 year)

Lewis Sumner made a motion to appoint Leonard Derby in this role.  Earl Holtz seconded it. It passed 3-0.

Town Service Officer (1 year)

Lewis Sumner made a motion to appoint William Pusey in this role, which allows someone who needs any sort of welfare help when the State office isn’t open, to obtain immediate help.  Edee Edwards seconded it. It passed 3-0.

Council on Aging (1 year)

Lewis Sumner made a motion to appoint Paula Hendler to be the town representative to the Council on Aging.  Earl Holtz seconded it. It passed 3-0.

Discussion noted that we should confirm her availability for the position.

Windham Regional Commissioners (1 year)

Lewis Sumner made a motion to appoint Margaret Bartenhagen and Nick Bartenhagen.  Edee Edwards seconded it. It passed 3-0.

Zoning Administrator (4 years)

Term Expiring in 2016

With a letter of recommendation from the Planning Commission chair, Lewis Sumner made a motion to appoint Rick Gay.  Edee Edwards seconded it. It passed 3-0.

Windham Solid Waste Management District Town Representatives (1 year)

Immediate past appointees are Cliff Inman and Lewis Sumner.  Earl Holtz said he had a volunteer of Greg Marguet for Windham Solid Waste Management District Town Representatives. Lewis indicated that both he and Cliff had both been attending most of the meetings.

Edee Edwards advised that during a past discussion about nominating Greg Marguet, he had admitted to less than harmonious relationships with Cliff, and she expressed concern that this would not represent the Town of Halifax well.   Lewis Sumner advised that Greg Marguet had attended a February meeting that Lewis had not, and the board had later indicated to Lewis that they were not very happy and they indicated there would be problems if he were on the board.

Mr. Marguet said he had not spoken during the February meeting.  He laid forth his interest, being in the trash business for 10 years.  He was appointed for one year in the past.  He’s very interested professionally and personally in recycling and solid waste disposal, and keeps up-to-date.  He said the organization is generally very passive most of the time, and meetings flow harmoniously under the director.  He said he wasn’t sure what was meant when someone wasn’t comfortable with him, and he felt it was not fair to have someone make comments without some substance to it.  Mr. Marguet again expressed his interest in helping the town, as a current business owner doing all aspects of solid waste.  He said his comment last year was light-hearted and he felt he could work with Cliff or Lewis.  He noted a few recent developments in the Windham Solid Waste Management, including a potential tax on all waste against solid waste business owners, and the concept of using single stream to handle recyclables, rather than sorting it.  He noted some potential issues with Towns considering pulling out.

Lewis Sumner noted that towns wouldn’t be able to do hazardous waste easily.

Edwards noted the District has e-recycling, and major composting efforts, and she felt that good representation of the town’s perspective, not necessarily a single business owner, was important.

Edee Edwards nominated Cliff Inman and Lewis Sumner.  Earl Holtz seconded it. It passed 2-0-1, with Sumner abstaining.

Loan Review Committee (1 year)

Lewis Sumner nominated Allan Dacey and Andrew Rice for the Loan Review Committee.  Edee Edwards seconded it.  It passed 3-0.

ADA Coordinator (1 year)

After discussion about the role and access to the buildings, Sumner noted that there is little work with this position generally.  No members of the public expressed interest in being appointed.

Earl Holtz nominated Lewis Sumner for the ADA coordinator.  Edee Edwards seconded it.  It passed 2-0-1, with Lewis Sumner abstaining.

E-911 Coordinator (1 year)

Edee Edwards nominated Wayne Courser for E-911 coordinator.  Earl Holtz questioned whether the E-911 coordinator could test the Reverse 911 calling system.  Lewis Sumner said that would be the responsibility of either the Selectboard or the Emergency Management Director.

Earl Holtz seconded the motion.  It passed 3-0.

Recycling Coordinator (1 year)

Michael Drummey sent a letter saying he no longer had time to do this.

Carl Barman asked whether this person checked the recycling bins and called when they were getting full.  Lewis Sumner said no one ever had; Lewis and others living nearby had usually done that.  Typically this position is tied with the Energy Conservation Officer.

Discussion about touring the recycling center, and generally ensuring the bins are accessible, ensued.

Edee Edwards nominated Greg Marguet for Recycling Coordinator.  Earl Holtz seconded it.  It passed 3-0.

Green Up Vermont Coordinator (1 year)

A letter was received from Tara Lane about Green Up Day, but there was some question about the letter writer’s interest in coordinating or just helping afterwards.  Sara Morin hadn’t been contacted to see if she was still interested.

Carl Barman said he would volunteer to use his truck to pick up trash, and his number could be given to the coordinator.

It is the first Saturday in May, usually.  The board decided to defer a decision.

Emergency Management Director (EMD) (1 year)

Edee Edwards noted that 3 people had submitted letters of interest in this position.  Because of the severity of Tropical Storm Irene, she wished to have more time to review the people’s qualifications.  Lewis Sumner (current EMD) stated that he wouldn’t object to having an alternate, or even a dual position. He stated that there is a lot to it, and without the training, at the drills a person would be lost.

John LaFlamme confirmed that yes, there are 2 pagers, with an alternate automatically.  Holtz noted that having a primary contact and a backup was noted by the Irene Lessons Learned Task Force.

Joe Tamburrino suggested a committee of 3-5 people should review the applications and qualifications and come up with 2 suggestions for that position to give a recommendation to the board.  He felt this would take the burden off the Selectboard, because only 2 Selectboard members will be able to vote, as Lewis will have to recuse himself.  He noted that other towns may do this.

Edwards noted that it would be useful to have additional perspectives, but both Earl and she should be involved in the decision process because normally the SB does make that decision as a board. Others being involved can help make sure that the Selectboard members are asking good questions.

Earl Holtz noted that the other 2 people interested in the position would normally be used as sounding boards themselves.

Keith Stone felt that the decision should be cut and dried.  At town meeting, the discussion about the constable showed that people want people in positions who are qualified and certified.  Stone stated that Lewis was certified.

Edwards questioned whether there is indeed a formal certification for the position.  Lewis Sumner said he is only short 1 or 2 classes of getting his certification.  Last year they only certified one person in the state.  Only one other person in the 6 towns is certified, but many are working towards the certification, with only one or two classes to be completed.

Earl Holtz asked if the Selectboard could use the rest of the Irene Task Force to help with the interview process as a sounding board, taking out John LaFlamme and Christina Moore, who are interested in the position.  Add Joe.

Edwards noted that would include Brad Rafus, Maggie Bartenhagen, Linda Lyon and Everett Wilson.

Peggy Webber asked if we were going to do this with all appointed positions–form committees for all to make it more fair.

Edee Edwards said she personally wanted all appointments with dollars attached to go through a little more formal process, posting the position, posting the job description, and so forth.

Webber asked…”for the taxpayers and people to vote on?”  Edwards said no, but Webber broke in to ask when the Selectboard was going to make a decision.  She advised: “This is your decision to make, you should not be forming committees, you should not be leaving this to other people. This is a Selectboard decision.  That’s my concern.”  She advised that she thought the Selectboard was putting it off by appointing a committee.

Edwards advised that when we are spending $15,000 for a position we should take the time.  Webber agreed that the Selectboard should take the time.

Webber additionally stated “This is kind of biased, you people have already formed a committee saying the things against what you think Lewis did wrong…”

Earl Holtz responded that the task force did not blame anybody, but was looking for places to improve.

Edwards noted that after Irene we did a lot of things we did well, but there were a lot of things we could also improve upon.  For the sake of the townspeople feeling confident that we are going to do an even better job next time, we need to follow through on the lessons learned.   She felt we are making good strides to continuing to improve how we will respond to the next crisis, but whomever gets this position needs to follow through with testing the reverse 911 system, getting reliable internet, or work on the other suggestions.

Edwards said she was happy to work with or without a committee, but that she wanted to interview the candidates.

Greg Marguet made a suggestion to have the Fire Department oversee this.  Sumner noted that there were 4 drills, or 7 or more, and that Halifax had no deficiencies.

Holtz noted that there are all kinds of hazards, and the task force noted that the Town needed some sort of All Hazards Plan.  He said the task force was not an attack on people, but looking for places where we can improve.

Barmen clarified that the question from Marguet was related to the splitting up the money, and he asked who did the work in the disaster.  Gunkel and Tamburrino noted that the EMD is directing the overall efforts, not doing the work.

Mark Gunkel noted that the Selectboard shouldn’t feel attacked.  Sumner clarified again that the $20,000 is from Vermont Yankee for towns within the EPZ.  In other towns, any pay would have to be from taxpayers.

Brad Rafus said he feels the town should have a second on the EMD, but he feels Lewis’s experience is invaluable.  As a taxpayer he thinks it’s a waste of money to take someone out of the position with that much experience.

Lewis clarified the history of this being a $20,000/year position.  Gunkel questioned whether the second position, if it was created, would be unfunded.  Sumner said he’d given others some extra at other times at his discretion.

Craig Stone asked about the history of the Task Force.  Holtz stated that after Irene a whole bunch of people volunteered to go to a Lesson Learned session to look at what we did well and what we did not so well.  There was a long bullet list of suggestions.  At that point, Maggie Bartenhagen led a smaller group, all volunteer, with no one turned away, to turn the bullet list into the actionable list.

Stone they said that when this is all repaired and paid off, he wanted the Selectboard to invite the contractors in there, and himself.  He noted that at some times he had loaded material twice because he didn’t know where to put it.  Some projects might have been able to be done more efficiently.

Edwards agreed that the town should do another lessons learned session, but to get back to how to make a decision on the EMD, she proposed that they try to form a group and get one day set up for interviews.  Specifically, she asked Brad Rafus and Joe Tamburrino.  She will consult with VLCT to find out if an executive session is appropriate, and follow up with making the arrangements.

Health/Sewage Officer (1 year)

Edee Edwards nominated Susan Kelly for position of Health / Sewage Officer.  Earl Holtz seconded it.  It passed 3-0.

Citation Ticket Responsibility (1 year)

After clarifying that this is still part of the responsibilities of a constable even if they are not certified after July 1, Edee Edwards nominated Leonard Derby for having Citation Ticket responsibility.  Lewis Sumner seconded the motion.  It passed 3-0.

Energy Conservation Officer (1 year)

Michael Drummey had submitted a letter saying he no longer had time to do this, though he felt it an important position.

Edee Edwards nominated Tristan Roberts for Energy Conservation Officer.  Earl Holtz seconded.  It passed 3-0.

Newspapers of Record

Lewis Sumner made a motion to have Deerfield Valley News and Brattleboro Reformer as our Newspapers of Record.  Edee Edwards seconded it.  The motion passed 3-0.

Edee Edwards will check into whether posting meeting times in The Commons weekly free paper will also be possible.

Selectboard’s Meeting Dates

The board and members of the public discussed continuing with the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month for meeting dates, but moving the time from 7:30 pm to an earlier time.  Consensus was that earlier would be better, and others were suggesting additional meetings.

Edee Edwards made a motion to set the meeting times at 6:30 pm, bi-monthly on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.  Earl seconded.  It passed 3-0.

Hearing of Visitors

Leonard Derby shared a note of appreciation especially for Brad and the road crew.  Jill, the postal carrier for the regional rural routes for Halifax out Brattleboro, said that she is amazed and appreciative the work that the road crew has put into the section of road she needs to travel here in Halifax.  Earl Holtz added that people are appreciative that the new roads and roads which were rebuilt are holding up well.

Bradley Rafus noted that with the passage of the FY13 budget, the Highway Department has begun the job of writing specifications to replace the Sterling truck.  Edwards suggested they be brought to the next meeting for discussion. Holtz asked if it was working now, and Brad answered yes, but we need to replace it or put a $15,000 body on it before next winter.  The truck is nearly 14 years old.  Keith Stone said that truck is no longer made, so parts are going to be hard, especially for the other truck that is due to be replaced in 5 to 8 years.

Keith Stone said that he has been discouraged after running the grader, because in some places with long-standing mud issues, it’s still tough.  He noted that a material called “Road builder” is holding up well on Phillips hill.  It’s broken ledge, and locks together.  He also stated that some townspeople and delivery people are not following the road closed signs.

Margo Avakian questioned whether it was now possible for standard vehicles to get to the Post Office at this point, and it was stated that Sprague Road is now in pretty good shape.

Joe Tamburrino advised that he’d run into with Peter Boemig of SVE Associates on Monday, who was at the Deer Park bridge with people from the State.  There is a possibility that the state may require a longer length than SVE’s original proposal, and suggest the removal of the abutment on Green River Road.  He was heading to Reed Hill Road Bridge, and he said the state may want that bridge longer and with a longer wing.  SVE is supposed to get back to Joe on Friday.

Earl Holtz asked about the trees cut on the north side of replacement bridge for Deer Park.  They were cut pretty high.  Brad said they have they are loaded with barbed wire, and they will probably have to pull stumps, which may not happen until the middle of May.


Lewis Sumner read a letter from Governor Peter Shumlin, thanking us for our motion of thanks and saying he was proud of Halifax.

Old Business:

For the Selectboard Secretary Position Description, Earl Holtz suggested adding “or equivalents” wherever there is mention of Microsoft programs, since the skills generally translate.  Edwards noted that Office is still used in a majority of cases.

Edee Edwards made a motion to finalize the job description by fixing the extraneous boxes and making the wording changes as suggested by Earl.  Earl Holtz seconded it. The motion passed 3-0.


Edee Edwards recommended the board sign two Project Worksheets for FEMA. A category B for Deer Park Bridge worksheet notes a shorter bridge length than what we went with for the state.  It is not clear if FEMA had the final bridge information from the State, which Joe Tamburrino can provide.  Our original estimates were lower, at $121,000, instead of the $200,000 on this more formal estimation worksheet.  Jeff Kirkland advised that we could sign the PW, but we’d have to submit a change in scope for the longer bridge, and notify the state immediately.  The signature says that we’ve seen this and agree with the scope.

The second PW is for Reed Hill Road Bridge, Category C permanent work, now at closer to $450,000 whereas earlier estimates were at $300,000.  Again, the State is just now perhaps suggesting new engineering requirements, per Joe Tamburrino’s earlier statements.

Lewis Sumner noted that there was also Hazard Mitigation attachment.  He is named on the forms, and he then signed them.

The board signed paperwork to renew the temporary loan with the Halifax Elementary School.

Lewis Sumner will follow up with the firm who is doing the Landfill Certificate to answer further questions.

Lewis Sumner said he would represent the Selectboard at the Halifax EMS award dinner on April 1st.

Correspondence was received saying that we’d paid off the loan for one town truck.  The title was given to Bradley Rafus.

Edee Edwards will follow up with someone from the State who was inquiring about the status of the bridge closures Bridge 34 and Bridge 35.

Lewis Sumner signed a letter from the State modifying the grant arrangement for FEMA payment (related to them covering more of the cost reimbursements, and sooner.)

Lewis Sumner noted we usually meet with the State Agency of Transportation for filling out Highway grants worksheets for bridges and paving.  Edee Edwards is going to follow up with John Alexander and Bradley Rafus to set up a meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 p.m., after which the Selectboard finalized and signed the orders for payment.

Respectfully Submitted,

Edee Edwards, Selectboard Vice Chair