Halifax Emergency Selectboard Meeting

26 March 2013 in Town Office

Present: Edee Edwards, Lewis Sumner, Earl B Holtz

Purpose: To discuss the Results of the Draft Audit, by Sullivan, Powers & Co.

Meeting opened @ 10:37AM

Edee Edwards read the audit report draft. It was noted that “ did not identify any deficiencies in the internal control over financial reporting”, however “opportunities for strengthening internal control and operating efficiency” were found. Two finding were discussed in detail:

Debarment list – The purchasing policy will be updated to add checking vendors to verify they are not on a debarment list.

Contract Documents were not created for vendors that were under the direct supervision of the Halifax Road Crew. It was decided that the selectboard would research and consider adopting standard contract language to be included in future purchase orders.

Christina Moore had written a response to the findings and the selectboard modified that letter to reflect the above and signed said letter.

Meeting Closed @ 11:39AM

Respectfully submitted

Earl B Holtz