Office of the Selectboard

Town of Halifax, Vermont
Special Meeting Minutes
8 November 2012

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM at the town office. Board meetings in attendance were Lewis Sumner, Edee Edwards and Earl Holtz. Others in attendance were Margo Avakian, Christina Moore, Bill Moore, Peter Boeming, Jim Hollar, Reporter from the Reformer.

New Business

SVE Deerpark Bridge Update

Boeming confirmed that SVE had received the updated Statement of Work for the Deerpark bridge and that SVE has accepted the rewrite completely. SVE has put the SOW on their letter head and provided three copies to the town for signature and the file. Various typo’s, corrections and updates were discussed and approved.

Also a general discussion on invoicing and the various manpower teams SVE uses for the project. Boeming and C. Moore discussed the coding for tasks invoiced, SVE to review for correctness.

Discussed was the time frame for payments. We will aim at a parallel process so 10 or 15 days from invoice are not exceeded. The Engineer is to pass the invoice to the select  board as received while reviewing the task. SVE payments after receipt of documentation.

We will initial the draft as officially reviewed and approved and SVE will correct on letter head and get to the selectboard to sign formally.

Edwards made a motion to approve SVE as our agent of oversize on the Deerpark Bridge Project, Holtz seconded the motion, the motion was modified to reflect the the SOW marked per this meeting and that the approval covers the work already done from the date of order to proceed.

SVE to review invoices for reason why some tasks were 25 to 110% over budgeted amounts, on the Reed Hill bridge project.

Motion passed 3-0

Change Order for Deerpark Bridge

Hollar is requesting a change to the concrete he quoted from “regular concrete” type 541 to “high performance” type 501 concrete. SVE calls out type 501concrete in the specification. Neither Cold River nor Carroll Concrete caught this constraint during the bid process. SVE and the town of Halifax require the 501 concrete.

There is a $9,000 approximate difference in the cost due to this change.

SVE did not see Carroll’s bid to Cold River. The board was advised that the selectboard could reject the request… and force Cold River to eat the cost. SVE Engineer rejected this request, so it was passed on to the Select board.

Sumner made a motion as per C. Moore’s email: Deer Park Bridge project (PW 0971) the town accepts the proposed Change Request #1 dated 06 November 2012. Change request #1 clarifies a clerical issue with concrete descriptions variously describing the concrete for substructure, abutment footings, walls and wing-wall footings as “501.30”, “Concrete Class B”, “3,500psi Class B”, and “3,000psi Class C” within the provided engineering documents. The Town of Halifax is requesting that the description be uniformly described as “High Performance Concrete” which may also be known as 501.34. The Town of Halifax approve the increased costs of $43.70 per cubic yard . Holtz seconded the motion.

It was agreed to leave out the quantity as a few extra yards maybe necessary to complete the project once the footing is dug etc. With reservations stated by Edwards the motion was passed 3-0

Hollar also presented a letter in reference to an article in the Brattleboro Reformer newspaper concerning “I” beams removed from the site to his yard. A long discussion ensued in which it was obvious that all parties involve made assumptions about what could or should be done with the 4 50 foot long “I” beams. There was every indication that these assumptions lead to a honest misunderstanding of what was to be done with the beam. Hollar agreed that he would arrange with Brad Rafus the return of the beams.

Read Hill Bridge payment

This is a proposal for a 1% hold back for the purpose if making sure that all landscaping is completed. We need to close out the project before the fiscal year end. There is a one year warranty, next October. It is accepted that the grass should be visible by May 15.

We need to pay the bill 10 days after the 2nd of November based on the contract. Edwards made a motion to  approve contractors application for payment Renald Brothers as written by SVE Associates with a payment amount of $398,510 with a 1% retain-age $4025 until May 15. Seconded by Holtz. Approved 3-0

Need an official walk through for the Reed Hill bridge. Scheduled for 9:00AM on Friday the 16 November at the site.

Moore needs a memo of record justifying the cost difference on the Reed Hill Bridge. Moore to work with SVE on the history of why the cost went up.

Send copy of payment to SVE.

Change request for Hale Road Bridge, and a contingent improved project request. A $2000 difference between the bridge and the ANR bridge. We have a formal rejection of the change of scope. We have notified FEMA of our appeal and a contingent improved project request.

Selectmen’s Order to Town Treasurer for bill payment

The order for payment of bills was completed and signed


The meeting was Adjourned at 6:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Earl B Holtz

Jr. Selectman – Halifax