Halifax Vermont Emergency Selectboard Meeting– DRAFT

2 October 2013

Present: Edee Edwards, Lewis Sumner, Brad Rafus, and Earl Holtz

Location: The old town garage

The meeting was called to order by Edwards at 7:07 AM, to discuss excavation that removed a drainage ditch located along the western boundary of the old town garage, by persons unknown. This boundary line is shared by the Town (bro.0126)and Kenneth & Cassandra Boyd’s property (bro.0104). See picture below.

The drainage ditch was used to catch water between the properties and route it into a culvert going under Brook Road into the brook. The towns concern is that the removal of the ditch may cause water damage to either property and therefore should have been discussed with the town prior to its removal. If the town has to replace the drainage ditch, then the costs of the added work will be charged to the persons who removed the ditch.

A letter stating the towns concerns will be crafted by Edwards and forwarded to the Boyd’s inquiring whether they did or have knowledge of who did remove the ditch.

The meeting was closed at 7:35AM

Respectfully submitted

Earl B Holtz