October 29, 2013 Selectboard Special Meeting (am)- DRAFT

Halifax, Vermont Select-board Meeting
29 Oct 2013 @ Deer Park Bridge Site

Subject: FEMA visit to Review Design

Todd Menees – Vermont, ARN
Christina Moore – Storm Petril
Edee Edwards – Halifax, Select-board, Chair
Brad Rafus – Halifax, Road Supervisor
Fred Vanderschmidt – FEMA, Deputy Director
Steve Ovenden – Vtrans District 2
Earl Holtz – Selectman


Meeting opened on site at about 9:00AM in the town office and then promptly moved to the bridge site.

Halifax as a town has approved the state road standards in both 2011 and again in 2013.

The 2011 standard was approved after tropical storm “Irene”. The town approved the Deer Park bridge with a wider deck to meet these standards. The select-board also approved making the bridge 7+ feet longer than the original to span the Green River’s new bank width after Irene.

As a improvement, the town agreed to concrete the new bridge rather than have a wood deck – at the towns expense.

Vanderschmidt, while stating that the increase in the length of the bridge seems the right thing to do, he has to determine the impact of the precedence this kind of change can create for the nation as a whole.

Vanderschmidt stated that he has 90 days to respond to request which was made on 11 October 2013.

Meeting was adjourned about 10:00AM

Respectfully submitted

Earl B Holtz