Halifax Cemetery Commission

Special Meeting

Friday, Sept. 22, 2023, at 9:30 AM

Halifax Town Office, 246 Branch Road, West Halifax, VT

Or Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7814490827?pwd=bTRLMCtDdzgrR2NndWV5andxTG0vUT09

Attendees: Linda Swanson, Gary Rand, Laurel Copeland, Patrick McAllister



CALL TO ORDER at 9:30 am


APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Minutes from the meeting on September 14, 2023 were approved.


CHANGES AND/OR ADDITIONS TO AGENDA – Budget discussion added below.




Budget – Linda Swanson & Patty Dow talked about the mowing allotment of $5,775 for this fiscal year 2024; Patty Dow said it was never added to the Cemetery Commission funds. This may be because it was not voted on in the March 2023 meeting. The Cemetery Commission discussed how in previous FY’s there was no separate vote for mowing funds ($5,000) and will ask about depositing those usual mowing funds to the Cemetery Commission account. The Cemetery Commission will find out where the mowing allotment was in previous fiscal years because we don’t see it in the old town reports.




Choose a vendor for GPR in Halifax Center – motion to approve GeoModel as GPR vendor was approved.

Review amended regulations – Because “urn burial” is the same as “secondary cremation openings”, the cost of portion of the regulations on urns were unchanged and remain, “Cost of Urn Burials. Each urn added shall incur a charge of $200 at the time it is buried.” Changes to page 1, illustration of a plot, green burials section, and costs of plots (increased by $25 each) were approved.

Electronic Work Order Form – the form was approved for adoption with changes as discussed with the Town Treasurer.





ADJOURNMENT – 10:51 am



  • LC asks Abbiati about engraving costs.