Town of Halifax, Vermont

September 3, 2011
Special Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 1:11 pm. Selectboard members in attendance were John LaFlamme, Lewis Sumner, and Edee Edwards. Others in attendance were Jerry Fairbanks, Alan Ashcraft, Joe Sarnie, Timothy Putnam, Carleton & Bernice Barnett, Laura Sumner, Shirley McNish, George Wheeler, Don & Carrie Perna, Barbara Brown, Amanda Ryan, Phyllis Evanuk, Ronald Gouin, Stephanie Aldrich, Karl Wright, Susan Kelly, Stephanie Pike, David Wright, Robert Martynowski, Raymond Combs, Ronald & Lisa Smith, Gretchen Becker, Sam & Bobby Groves, Pastor Mark & Leslie Monroe, Howard & Rose Alboum, Dawn & Brittany Perna, Holly Fox, Jeffery Glaser, William & Christina Moore, Malcolm & Monica Sumner, April Dupuis, Mike & Hope Ferzozo, Earl Holtz, Bill & Laura Hinrichs, Paul Taylor, Tristan Roberts, Larry & Muriel Higgins, Hunter & Judy Addis, Dora Green, Alan & Rhonda Ashcraft, William Dame, Davis Brown, L. Tefft, Douglas & Marilou Parkhurst, Lucas Shultz, Sandra Pentak-Cohen. Total Count 59.

3 deaths, 1 presumed dead & 1 presumed dead.

-State: 600-700 homes damaged, widespread infrastructure damage

-Goal is to get roads passable with at least 1 lane

-Tuesday 9/6/11 school begins, bus routes not established at this time

-Lewis Sumner speaking with weather on conference call at 2pm today

EOC open since Sunday Aug 28, 2011.

-9” rain

-Repairs began Monday 8/29/11

-125-150 people cut of from road & services

-Power outages

-Food and water available at fire station


-5 bridges inspected, all damaged

-14 houses cut off, 21 without power

-Road Issues

-Green River Rd, ½ mile damaged & bridge out




-Personal Damage

-Photograph damages and keep receipts

-Call 211 to report damage

-Immediately call 800-621-3362 to get inspector to assess damages

-Can get up to $30,000.


-20k loan at 1% interest 802-828-5627

-SBA loan $250k 802-828-3211

-Next Steps

-Monitor weather- flash flood warning

-Keep roads open & improve them

-Emergency has been declared, so funding is cleared for long-term assistance

-FEMA funded work completed in 60 days

-Environmental rules relaxed

-State bonding possible

-Wilmington Food Pantry has a lot of food available for Deerfield Valley

-Cleaning supplies available in building near Wilmington School

-Red Cross Meal Services in Shaws parking lot

-Trying to get FEMA headquarters in Wilmington

-Medical Recommendations

-Keep 5-7 days medications available

-Don’t delay if you feel you need medical services

-Closest hospital is Franklin Medical

-If any issues with fowled septic or water, please contact EMS/town

-Inquiries regarding roads, call town clerk’s office


-Canned & boxed food needed? OK for now here in Halifax

-Bridges- how long to fix? Not sure, but engineers are coming very soon

-FEMA payment

-72 hours after declaration towns reimbursed 100% of costs

-Sept 30 deadline for claims to FEMA

-When can we expect FEMA to knock on door? Not sure

-Green River Rd opening? Not sure, a lot of damage, possibly a long time.

-Bridges Out:

-Green River #10 east of Perry Rd

-Deer Park- bottom at intersection of GRR

-Reed Hill at intersection of Collins & Branch Rds

-Hale Rd at Guilford/Halifax town line

-Wineburg on Brook Rd

Meeting ended at 1:53pm with a slide show showing road damage at various locations.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Pike