Broadband Committee
Halifax, Vermont
February 13, 2013 Minutes

The Halifax Broadband Committee meeting was called to order at 6:39 pm Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at the Halifax Town Office. Present were committee members Earl Holtz, Curtis Carroll (Chairman for this meeting), Gretchen Becker, and Jessica Bruno. Member of the public present was Linda Huebner.

Holtz moved and Carroll seconded that the minutes of the December 12, 2012 meeting be approved as written, and the motion passed 4-0-0.

New Business

VTel at Halifax Center
Holtz reported that Karen Marshall is now with VTel and no longer part of VTConnect. In November, Holtz did a tour with VTA regarding cell phone/internet service on the Rt 112 corridor. He send an email regarding a status update but has not heard back. The Union Society Building is being looked at by VTel as a possible location for radio transmitters, either between the wall of the steeple and bell or on telephone poles in the area.

Fairpoint Upgrades
Carroll was hooked up to DSL but the service is slow, about 0.8 Mbps, which is half of what was offered. Originally they hooked them up to the old system (which has been in place for two years) but he complained about the service speeds so the tech hooked him up to the new system. The new system continually crashed; he was getting 1 Mbps but terrible service. Carroll believes they are putting in a switching node by Gates Pond and that system could bring 3 to 7 Mbps in 2013. Fairpoint also said Whitneyville would be getting DSL.

Halifax Town Plan
Holtz reported the planning commission is in the process of creating the new town plan this year and they have asked the broadband committee for a writeup on broadband. The current plan is on the Windham Regional Commission website/section on towns/Halifax/town plan reinstituted 2010. The Broadband Committee will schedule a special meeting tentatively on 2/27/13 at 6:30 pm. Holtz will confirm and act as chair at that meeting.

Fiber to the Home
Bruno reported that she received a flyer from Wired West concerning bringing fiber to the home in Colrain. Each town involved must have 50% of its households express interest. Bruno will contact the appropriate parties to find out about the program.

Carroll reported that schools are staring to be wired for fiber (high school and library).

Hearing of Visitors

Other Business

The meeting was adjourned at 7:27 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jessica Bruno