Office of the Broadband Committee

Town of Halifax

6PO Box 127

West Halifax, Vermont 05358


Special Meeting Minutes

Approved: July 25, 2022


Date: Monday, June 6, 2022, 7-8:30PM


Place: Conference Call


Attending: Committee members: Tristan Roberts, Stephan Chait, David Jones

Visitors: Edie Edwards 

Notes By: David Jones


Call to Order


Tristan Roberts called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM.  


Changes and Additions to Agenda




Recommendations for Selectboard Appointments to DVFiber Board


Tristan Roberts said our sole agenda item was to recommend a replacement for Stephan Chait as Halifax’s Representative to the DVFiber Board.  Stephan will be devoting more time to the Windham Regional Commission.  Stephan got direction from Lewis Sumner that the Selectboard will want the Committee’s recommendation.  Stephan recommended that Edie Edwards should become the Representative.  Stephan is willing to stay as an Alternate. Tristan is willing to continue as an Alternate.


Stephan Chait moved to recommend that the Selectboard appoint Edie Edwards as Halifax’s Representative to the DVFiber Governing Board and to appoint Stephan Chait and Tristan Roberts as Alternates.  Tristan seconded the motion.  All present agreed. 


Edie said she was looking for an opportunity to contribute to the broader community and had been encouraged by Ann Manwaring to support DVFiber. She will keep the Committee updated regarding DVFiber’s progress but will not be a member of the Committee. David Jones said Edie’s talents will be very welcome in DVFiber. Tristan said that he hopes Edie will play a prominent role in introducing DVFiber to the community when service is rolled out. David said it is a certainty there will be more activity involving the Committee during rollout.  Edie also wants the Committee to advocate for ARPA funding for Broadband, especially as inflation takes more of a cut of scarce resources.  David said he was ready to provide an estimate when Pete Silverberg requests it.


Stephan said he will continue to help the Committee to advance the cause of Broadband in Halifax.  David and Tristan thanked Stephan for stepping in to be the Representative over the past year.




Stephan moved the meeting should adjourn. David seconded the motion. All present agreed.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:15PM.