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  • The Halifax recycling bins, located on the Brook Road old town garage property, are serviced by TAM, Inc., a private contractor. These bins are rotated between towns, and the markings on them vary. Bins marked “CARDBOARD ONLY” are meant for cardboard, newspaper, printer paper, junk mail, cereal/juice/food boxes, magazines, etc., per TAM’s list of materials accepted.
  • As the Town pays for service per load, users should break down boxes, and otherwise make the best use of the space available.
  • The Town also pays additional fees for “contaminants” (non-recyclable items) in either the paper or the glass/plastic/metal bin.
  • Please visit TAM’s web site,, especially the links under the “Recycling” tab at the top of the page, to learn more about correct, efficient, recycling.

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High Speed Internet Service Available in Halifax

The VTEL tower in Halifax is now operational.
Contact VTEL at or 802-885-4444 to subscribe.

Service may not be available everywhere. Different equipment may be needed at different
locations, and please note that one piece of equipment–but not all of them and perhaps
not the best choice for your location–may be available at a discount for people
in Halifax, which is an underserved area.

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Lately, the Selectboard has been getting an increasing number of complaints about yards that contain “junk.”  We are asking all residents to consider some spring cleaning (and we’ve love to compile a list of volunteers, if some neighbors need a helping hand).  See the Selectboard Communications Page for details.

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Front Porch Forum (FPF) is an online community message board, and it’s now available to Halifax.  We share announcements with Whitingham and Readsboro.

Please go here and register:

All you have to do is punch in your address and email address and then clink the link in your email inbox and you are good to go. Please also have others in your household and neighbors do this.

Why? It will help our community get closer together, help you find lost cats, share things and experiences, and be more resilient in good times and bad. And, it’s also a ton of fun! Not to mention the cool local community calendar that comes with it…

Join in!